engage disengage game

engage disengage game

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The Engage Disengage Game: Help for your reactive dog


Jul 1, 2014 The Engage-Disengage Game essentially decreases a dog’s stress around the trigger and teaches the dog the peaceful coping skill of self-

How to Play the Engage–Disengage Game with Your Dog …


Mar 1, 2022 This game teaches your dog how to notice someone (or something) in their environment and then disengage on their own, without any verbal cue

The Engage-Disengage Game: Help for Reactive Dogs


Oct 5, 2015 The Game · 1. Wait for your dog to engage the trigger, then wait 3 to 5 seconds for your dog to DISENGAGE or look away from the trigger on their

Engage Disengage Game – Reduce Your Dog’s Reactivity! | Pupford


May 20, 2022 The Engage Disengage Game was created to help overstimulated dogs manage their stress in a more productive way.

engage disengage game

Who’s That? Engage/Disengage Game


Engage/Disengage Game. Level 1: Engage. 1. Start at a safe distance away from the trigger, a place where your dog is not reacting. Be.

The Engage Disengage Game (pdf)


THE ENGAGE-DISENGAGE GAME. A training game for dogs who are FEARFUL, ANXIOUS, or FRUSTRATED around a specific trigger such as another dog, person, or sound.

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