EFootball 2022 First Gameplay Trailer

The trailer below has appeared on the Chinese YouTube channel GREAT GAME TV CHANNEL. It shows the full match between the virtual versions of Manchester United and Arsenal. Definitely, we are talking about the PlayStation version of eFootball. In the article accompanying this video and posted on greatgame.asia, it is said that it was recorded from the PlayStation 5 platform.

Some points from the recording are noteworthy. This is not a stream, and most likely not the final version of the game, but its preliminary build – after all, eFootball will not be released until September 30th, so no one will hand out the keys for the full version left and right.

Konami previously confirmed that some new features will appear in eFootball after the main release. In general, the developers described the fall release as a “predominantly demo” release of a new soccer simulator.

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