Ectoplasma (Gengar) Pokemon Unite, best builds, moves and items

Ectoplasma (Gengar) is a fast fighter on Pokémon Unite. How to play it and what are its capacities? Pokémon Unite is coming to Nintendo Switch, and many fighters are playable, learn more about the Pokémon Ectoplasma (Gengar), its abilities and our tips for playing it.

Ectoplasma (Gengar) in Pokémon Unite

Fantominus (lvl 1) -> Spectrum (lvl 5) -> Ectoplasma (lvl 9) Roles Difficulty Fast Difficult Close

Recommended build of Ectoplasma (Gengar) in Pokémon Unite

Recommended moves

Lick start move
(Licking) Level 5 Sludge Bomb
(Bomb Yuck) Level 7 Hex

Recommended objects

Shell Bell Wise Glasses

Choice Specs

The moves of Ectoplasma (Gengar) in Pokémon Unite


One in three attacks is boosted. This boosted attack does additional damage to surrounding Pokémon.


(Levitation) When the Pokémon is not in combat, its movement speed is increased.

Levels 1 to 3

(Will-o-the-Wisp) Burn Cooldown: 5 sec Sends sinister flames, damaging and burning affected Pokémon. Lick
(Lick) Zone, Pull Cooldown: 7 secs Attack with its tongue, and attract enemy Pokémon.

Level 5

Choose between two spells to replace the Will-Wisp spell. Shadow ball
(Shadow Ball) Zone, Slow Cooldown: 4.5 sec Cast a shadow ball, which also decreases the movement speed and Special Defense of affected Pokémon. Improvement: Ball damage increased Sludge Bomb
(Bomb Beurk) Poison, Zone Cooldown: 8 sec Throws a poison bomb into an area, which also poisons enemies. Improvement: The duration of the poison increases

Level 7

Choose between two spells to replace the Lechouille spell. Dream eater
(Devourish) Life Steal Cooldown: 8 sec Sends hypnotic waves that numb enemies. Ectoplasma regains health and can teleport behind affected Pokémon. Improvement: Reduces damage and theft of Hex life
(Punishment) Zone, Poison, Dash Cooldown: 7.5 sec The caster teleports to the designated area, dealing damage. If enemies are poisoned, damage is increased and cooldown is reduced. Improvement: Increases damage dealt

Level 9: Unite Move

Phantom ambush
(Barrage) Cooldown: 1 sec (charge required) Nigosier chain spits preys at all Pokémon that come near him.

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