EA Motive showed the first footage of the remake of Dead Space: many new details

Well, it didn’t seem to us: EA really announced the long-awaited resurgence of space horror Dead space, which will be a remake of the original game in the series. A few minutes ago on Twitch, the demonstration of the first gameplay shots of the action horror ended. We emphasize that we are talking about early gameplay, so there is no need to judge how the final product will turn out.

The hosts of the stream, Senior Producer Philippe Duchard and Creative Director Roman Campos-Oriola, gave a very (really VERY) early look at the upcoming remake. And if you expected the disclosure of the gameplay, then we hasten to disappoint – it is not here. If you were hoping to see another cinematic trailer, then you won’t get that either. For more than 40 minutes, the duo talked about the studio’s path to a full-fledged remake of their favorite game.

Dead Space is slated for release on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X / S, and currently the game doesn’t even have an approximate release date. It’s rare and very cool to watch developers brag about early footage of an AAA game that is so far from release. As a rule, GDC goes to such demonstrations, but now EA Motive has joined it.

If you missed something, then we remind you: the upcoming Dead Space is not a standard restart of the series. This is a complete remake, as the developers clearly emphasized. EA Motive even provided access to the original source files, including development resources for the ship Ishimura, on which most of the game is deployed.

The creative director of Campos-Oriola stated:

It is about improving many different components to create a new experience similar to the original.

And Duchard added:

We want to be true to the original.

And help them in this – Ganner Wright, who voiced Isaac Clark in the original. He will do the same, but now in a remake. EA Motive also showcased the “cut them limbs” feature that has long been the hallmark of the series. For most of the game, you fight necromorphs – space zombies with giant scythes instead of weapons. Clark’s weapon could fire horizontal or vertical beams. You had to change angles on the fly to hit the necromorphs and cut off their limbs before they could attack you.

From today’s, again, very early look, the next Dead Space is very similar to the original, save for the visuals worthy of next-gen consoles.

Campos continued:

In the role of Isaac, you are looking for Nicole, but otherwise there is not much plot. And this is what we want to improve.

The game is created on the powerful Frostbite engine created by DICE. And since the action will not appear on older generation consoles, the developers have a free hand and they will be able to significantly surpass the technical capabilities of the original. As you might expect, the first benefit of this approach is “continuous picture from the start screen to the end credits, without any load breaks.”

Finally, in the new Dead Space there will be no microtransactions!