Dual Fiend Hunters crossbows have been added to Fortnite Battle Royale

Fortnite has brought an old classic, the Fiend Hunter crossbow, back to Battle Royale Island. However, this time around, they doubled the fun by adding one to your other hand. More crossbows equals more bolts, right? Beyond doubling the number of weapons you have in your hands, Dual Fiend Hunters crossbows have multiple advantages that make them better than the original. Perhaps one of the most important is the fact that they have an increased rate of fire, which means you’ll shoot more bolts at your enemies and therefore deal more damage. The Dual Fiend Hunters received this name for a reason. They deal extra damage to cubic monsters, making them the perfect weapon if you venture into The Sideways. Unfortunately, it seems that these weapons don’t deal bonus damage to any other type of creature. The new pair of crossbows can be found in all your typical places on the map: on the ground or in any type of chest. This makes it easy for all players to try and master them before they have to take down paranormal monsters during the Halloween season. The official blog post on the new weapon left an interesting clue at the end that said, “Do hunters remind anyone else of a certain Halloween party?” “. Is this a clue to the possible return of the Storm King or Fortnightmares event? For the latest news, guides and content on all things Fortnite, be sure to look at our Fortnite homepage!

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