Druid token deck on Murder at Castle Nathria, Hearthstone’s new expansion –

What is the best Druid deck to play for the release of Murder at Castle Nathria on Hearthstone? Here is a theorycraft decklist Druid token Aggro. With the arrival of Murder at Castle Nathria, Hearthstone is enriched with no less than 135 new cards. With the new Impregnation mechanic and the Locations, a new type of card, the meta of the game should change a lot, especially for the Druid. Hearthstone’s new expansion.

What is the best Druid deck for Murder at Castle Nathria on Hearthstone?

With the reveal of Hearthstone’s 135 new cards, players have theorycrafting decks to try out when the Murder at Castle Nathria expansion releases. This Druid deck has great potential that will be confirmed when the meta is more stable.
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Druid token gameplay

The different expansions this year allowed the Druid to have varied decks, going from combo archetypes to more tempo decks. Today we are presenting a very aggressive deck: the Token Druid. Here is how the game plan is divided up: Mulligan / Early Game: Like any aggro deck, the Token Druid is really strong at the start of the game. Druid of the Reef and Vibrant Squirrel are great starting cards. You are looking above all to never let your opponent take control of the board, you really need creatures to activate your various synergies. Mid Game: In the middle game, you will be able to start cycling your deck and use different spells to strengthen your creatures. Composting is great for filling your hand, Power of the Wild and Pride’s Fury for a stronger board. Late Game: Your card with the highest mana cost is 4 mana. Your deck is therefore not very strong at the end of the game. You can try to scratch the last points of damage with your creatures and end the game as soon as possible. As a reminder, Murder at Castle Nathria is available on Hearthstone on August 2, 2022. Posted on 02/08/2022 at 18:16

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