Does Far Cry 6 have a new game plus?

Does Far Cry 6 offer New Game Plus? That’s a normal question to ask when most games give you the option of starting over with all your gear intact, but Far Cry 6 doesn’t take a normal approach. Instead of giving you the traditional New Game Plus, you get a new mode that changes weekly, with chances to earn currency and special weapons.

Far Cry 6 New Plus Game

Again, no, Far Cry 6 doesn’t have New Game Plus. Once the story is over, you respawn in Yara with everything you had when you completed the last mission, and you can take on any side quests or raid bases you didn’t take care of during the main campaign. Ubisoft may add New Game Plus in a future update, although there is no indication if this is planned so far. The main draw after beating Far Cry 6 is Insurgency mode.

Post-match insurgency mode

Insurrection unlocks once Castillo’s reign is over. Dani must fight against a new group of rebels, dissidents from Castillo’s army who refuse to surrender. There’s a new contested area every week, and it’s your job to take it from the rebels in much the same way you did during the main campaign. The difference is, you get better rewards this time around. Insurgency always rewards you with Moneda, a rare currency to use in Lola’s Black Market, but you’ll also get other rare items and even new weapons, depending on the mission. Of course, you won’t have much use for it once you’ve completed all of the missions and quests in Yara, with no new games on top. It’s worth leaving a few quests unfinished when you move to Esperanza to dethrone Castillo, just so you have a reason to use your new items once the campaign is over. That’s all you need to know about the new Far Cry 6 plus game, but be sure to look at our other Far Cry 6 guides for more tips. Related Guides

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