Discord downloading update 1 of 1, how to update?  –

A Discord update has just been applied, and some users are experiencing the “Discord downloading update 1 of 1” error repeatedly! Updates are regularly deployed on Discord, always improving the software, and adding new features. Sometimes problems may appear due to these updates, such as the inability to launch the software. For this new update, many users are facing the following issue: “Discord downloading update 1 of 1” message is spinning looping, the update is not done, and it is therefore impossible to launch Discord.

Discord downloading update 1 of 1, how to fix the problem?

To fix the Discord downloading update 1 of 1 issue, there is no quick fix! However, it is possible to test several different things to be able to update: Wait: the problem may be with the Discord servers, wait until the next day to see if the software starts Uninstall and reinstall Discord: by reinstalling the software, many issues can be fixed, and the latest version of it will be installed Launch Discord as administrator: close Discord first. Then right click on the software, then “Run as administrator”. The update could then be done this way.If none of these tips work, we recommend that you contact Discord support (source), so they can best help you with this issue! Usually, other users are affected by this kind of concern at the same time as you, and patience is the best way to resolve it.

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