Digimon Survive: All Digimon List

Digimon Survive features a sizable roster of Digimon from different seasons of the anime series, and for some fans, a purchase depends on which ones are available. So we’ve put together a list of recruitable Digimon, in case you’re curious if your favorites are in this new Digimon release. There are over 110 Digimon that you can add to your collection in Digimon Survive, from Baby Stage (Stage One) all the way to Ultimate. That number may pale in comparison to Cyber ​​Sleuth’s massive roster of 249 Digimon, but most fan favorites are included in the lineup.

Digimon Survive: List of Stage One Digimons

Betamon Gabumon Gazimon Gomamon Gottsumon Guilmon palm Reunion Piyomon Renamon Shakomon Tentomon

List of Stage Two Digimons

Angemon Birdramon Cyclomon Deltamon Diatrimon Dobermon Dokugumon Fangmon Flymon Cities Growmon Guardromon Ikkakumon Kabuterimon Kuwagamon Leomon Meramon Numeromon Sangloupmon Seadramon Shellmon my tail Togemon Tuskmon Vegemon Demon

Perfect List of Digimons

Angewomon Archnemon Blossomon Cerberus Delumon Kinda Garudamon Jewelbeemon Lilimon Sailor Devimon Megalo Growmon Mega Seadramon Mermaimon Metal Greymon Monzæmon Okuwamon Panjyamon Taomon Triceramon Vamdemon Were Garurumon Yatagaramon

Ultimate List of Digimons

Anubimon Baihumon Beelzebumon Ducmon Metal City Metal Seadramon Mugendramon Piedmon Saber Leon Sakuyamon Xuanwumon War Greymon The list may be smaller than Cyber ​​Sleuth, but it certainly has no shortage of notable Digimon from across the entire series. Did the Digimon you were hoping to see in the lineup become Digimon Survive? Let us know in the comments below and watch for other Digimon Survive guides here on GameSkinny, such as how to get your hands on Guilmon, a mon available for early adopters.

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