Did Splitgate Capture the Flag?

If you’ve played an FPS game, you’ve more than likely found yourself enjoying a game of Capture the Flag. Splitgate is a fast-paced FPS that uses portals to navigate the map. So you might be wondering if Splitgate has CTF. The answer is yes and no. Splitgate’s modes have changed throughout its lifespan and while the mode was once available it is no longer available. Having portals at your disposal makes the CTF difficult to balance. Related: All Splitgate Ranks Explained The Dilemma Is How The Flag Interacts With Portals. Allowing flags to pass through portals means players can instantly teleport to base with the flag and score points. Not being able to pass the flag through the portals allows the other team to easily kill the flag bearer as they can teleport anywhere on the map. Splitgate has many game modes and while none are truly Capture the Flag, there are a few that play the same. Both Oddball and Splitball teams require a player on the team to capture a ball while their teammates are guarding them. They don’t need to return the ball to their base score but carry it instead. Until 1047 Games figured out how to balance the CTF, it might be the closest to the players. For more information on Splitgate, see What is Pantheon Race in Splitgate and How to Fix Splitgate Unable to Authenticate Error on our guides.

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