Destroy rocks detours on Fortnite, Raven challenge season 8 –

We explain how to destroy rocks from detours in Fortnite, to validate the quest proposed by the Raven NPC! New maps to fill are available in Fortnite, brought to you by the Raven and Cruel Hare NPCs. These cards offer new challenges after you talk to these characters, allowing you to earn XP if you turn them in. Among the challenges offered by the Raven NPC, one of them requires you to destroy rocks detours. But what exactly are the rocks to destroy, and how do you find them around the bends? We explain everything to validate the quest!

How to destroy rocks from detours in Fortnite?

To destroy these rocks and complete the quest, you will have to start by going to a detour. These are in a different location each game, and to find out where they are, just look at the mini-map at the start of the game. They appear as a round in gradient orange and pink, as on the map below: Location of a detour in Fortnite Once there, these are the rocks that you are going to have to find. For this challenge, the rocks to be broken are very tall, dark purple in color, with a multitude of small pink cubes stuck to them. These stones do not have a precise location, they appear in many places in the detours:
The rocks to destroy in the detours on Fortnite Break these different rocks to complete the quest! You want more articles on Fortnite? Join us on Facebook join us and be informed of the latest articles!

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