Defeat Team Rocket Sierra on Pokémon GO –

Put together to problem Group GO Rocket and learn how to beat Chef Sierra with our information. Are you going to satisfy a frontrunner of Group Go Rocket? Arlo, Cliff, and Sierra can spawn in Group GO Rocket lairs and you will want to organize to problem them – take a look at our information to defeating Chef Sierra’s Group in Group GO Rocket November 2021.

Methods to beat Sierra?

Sierra’s Pokémon

To achieve your combat towards Sierra, we advise you to organize your self as a result of the confrontation is not going to be simple. Right here is the checklist of the chief’s Pokémon, in addition to their weaknesses: Pokémon 1: Nidoran ♀ obscure Weaknesses: SOL PSY Really helpful Pokémon counters: Mewtwo, Alakazam, Metagross, Gallame, Gardevoir, Noadkoko, Hoopa Pokémon 2: The 2nd Pokémon of Sierra will likely be both Dardargnan, or Rafflesia, be Flagadoss Darkardargnan Weaknesses: FLIGHT ROCK FIRE PSY Really helpful Pokémon counters: Heatran, Galeking, Mega-Ectoplasma, Mega-Charizard Y, Dialga, Ho-Oh, Rhinastoc Darkish Rafflesia Weaknesses: FLY FIRE PSY ICE Pokemon Heatran, Suggested , Jirachi, Reshiram, Ho-Oh, Metagross, Nostenfer Darkish Flagadoss Weaknesses: SPECTRUM INSECT DARK ELECTRIK PLANT Really helpful Pokémon counters: Mega-Leviator, Zarude, Hydrogen trioxide, Tengalice, Mega-Pharamp, Phyllali, Mega 3-Blizzaroi Pokémon will likely be both Demolossus, Ossaturer, or Nidoqueen Darkish Demolossus Weaknesses: SOL ROCK WATER COMBAT Really helpful Pokémon counters: Amonistar, Mega-Leviator, Regirock, Laggron , Clamiral, Tranchodon Darkish Bones Weaknesses: WATER ICE PLANT Really helpful Pokémon counters: Lugia, Giratina, Insecorator, Totemic Demeteros, Mega-Leviator, Dracolossus Darkish Nidoqueen Weaknesses: SOIL WATER PSY ICE Really helpful Pokémon counters: Minotionde, Mégara, Rhinoceros, Lagogrino-Lagoons , Mammochon Tip: To look your Pokémon with PLANT-type assaults, you’ll be able to kind in your Pokémon search bar “@plant”. You’ll then discover all of the Pokémon with a quick assault or a charged assault with this kind.
You should use this trick for any kind of assault.


As soon as Sierra is challenged, you’ll be able to meet a Darkish ♀ Nidoran or a Shiny Darkish Nidoran!

Discover Sierra with a Rocket Radar

To satisfy Sierra, chief of Group GO Rocket, you will want to make use of a Pocket Radar. Here is the way to get it: Go to Pokéstop occupied by Group GO Rocket minions. Group GO Rocket Pokéstop are in black whereas basic Pokéstop are in blue. You’ll have to succeed 6 fights towards Minions of Group GO Rocket to acquire 6 mysterious gadgets. Remodel the 6 mysterious parts into Rocket Radar. Activate your Rocket Radar to tackle one of many bosses: Arlo, Cliff or Sierra. You’ll randomly meet one of many bosses through the subsequent assembly with Group GO Rocket. The Rocket Radar is simply legitimate as soon as. As soon as the combat is received, the Rocket Radar is destroyed.

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