Deathloop’s new trailer reveals immersive PlayStation 5 features

The action will be released on September 14 Deathloop, so the developers decided that it was high time to show off how they use the immersive features of the PlayStation 5. Unfortunately, they will work exclusively on the new generation, so I hope that in the new year we will still overcome the problems with the supply of consoles.

In the new trailer, you can see the benefits of the PS5 controller. Check out below:

Perhaps the most obvious improvement that next generation games can get is the graphics. Adaptive triggers are slowly becoming the standard, working differently for available weapons. Thanks to them, each weapon is different from the rest, it becomes more individual. Deathloop uses triggers for highlighted scenarios such as weapon jamming: the player will feel it on their controller. Again, on a large scale, all these seemingly trivial features are guaranteed to lead to a more immersive gaming experience. Tactile feedback while running, sliding and more enhances the feeling of being directly involved in the action.

Deathloop also uses the controller’s speaker to inform the player about something. Many of the aspects of immersive immersion are directly related to the DualSense controller and everything it can do.

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