Deathloop guide – where to seek refuge on Fristad cliff (location with photo)

During the passage Deathloop you have to go through several unusual tasks related to the exploration of the island and the search for ideologists. One of them is called “Search the Fristad Rock” and is associated with the search for a place from a photograph where two ideologues retire.

This is a plot mission, which says that a love couple found refuge somewhere near the coastline. You will not have a single marker pointing to the target, so you have to search blindly. I must say this place is pretty well hidden.

In the afternoon, head to Fristad Rock. At other times, the task does not work. Go through the door on the upper right up the stairs to get out of the tunnels. You will be taken to a small location with 4 opponents. Turn right to follow the snowy path between the rocks. This will take you to an area with a coastline to the right and a wrecked plane stuck in the water.

Stay on the far right edge of the area, following the coastline to the very end, past a crashed plane in the water. The coastline leads to the back of the mountain. At the end of the line is the entrance to bunker 09. Look inside, read the book on the console with 4 monitors and turn on the audio recording. This will unlock a new quest objective.

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