Dead by Daylight NFT controversy, explained

Image via Interactive Behavior Dead by Daylight developers Behavior Interactive are in the hot seat on social media after making an announcement regarding its involvement in the Masters of Horror NFT collection. Let us explain exactly why Dead by Daylight fans are upset. A non-fungible token (NFT) is a unique cryptocurrency token that uses blockchain technology to allow people to claim digital ownership of images, artwork, gifs, and more. cryptographic arts available online. The controversy surrounding this announcement is that some gaming fans do not support NFTs, as they are bought and sold with Ethereum, which is a blockchain technology that uses a huge amount of energy and is therefore bad for the environment. . Behavior worked with Boss Protocol for several months to adapt game models for use as NFT and approved them before Pinhead was released in DbD. NFTs have a chance to grant access to the #Hellraiser chapter of DbD. – Death by Daylight (@DeadByBHVR) October 18, 2021 Official Dead by Daylight Facebook page Related: Who Created Dead by Daylight? Dead by Daylight fans who purchased the Hellraiser Chapter expansion are unhappy that the game developers weren’t clear on the killer’s involvement as NFT, prior to the release of its in-game content. Dead by Daylight fans who are against the NFT would not have put money into this Chapter’s Killer, if they were better informed. Following the negative backlash surrounding their initial announcement, Behavior Interactive said via Facebook, “Absolutely no blockchain technology exists in Dead by Daylight. Neither will it ever be. Behavior Interactive does not sell NFTs. That being said, The Masters of Horror NFT Collection will offer the chance to earn the Hellraiser Chapter expansion for the game, to those who join. Browse Guides for the latest Dead by Daylight news, all of our Killer Survival Guides (slash), and up-to-date listings. Enter our DBD realm to look at our list of the best Dead by Daylight killers and our guide on How to play Dead by Daylight crossplay on all devices.

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