Daedalic and Snowhound Introduce Potion Tycoon

Daedalic Entertainment Publisher and Snowhound Games Studio, Game Creator Deep sky derelicts in the roguelike genre with role-playing elements, they are preparing a special control simulator with a twist that will definitely bring magic into your life! The game Potion Tycoon allows you to manage your own magic potions store, research recipes, mine ingredients, mix potions, create and optimize production lines, and expand your empire to rule the magic potions market. The game will be released on Steam Early Access in early 2022.

Potion Tycoon presents a magical take on the economic simulation genre. Open your very own potion shop in a 2D, hand-drawn wizarding world and try to become the most successful potion maker ever. Manage every aspect of your business: experiment with recipes ranging from healing to summoning potions, competitively mine resources or grow your own magical plants or mushrooms, and optimize production lines. Expand your business by hiring new employees and researching new potions and equipment. Once you’ve set up a large-scale potions business, take a moment to admire how your store is running smoothly.

Performance isn’t everything! A successful store needs to create its own brand. Amaze your customers with new furniture and create the most beautiful display case with exclusive deals. A gourmet store can attract VIPs, and special contracts will literally work wonders to grow your business. But do not neglect their requirements, otherwise they can ruin your reputation!

Key Features:

  • Economic simulator with a magical atmosphere: build and develop
    own magic shop.
  • Sophisticated control simulator: set up production, install
    prices and hire people to make your business thrive.
  • Explore, build and invent new things: create a potions empire –
    transform a humble shop into a high-end store.
  • Detailed alchemy system: experiment with a variety of ingredients,
    create combinations and get new improved potions.
  • Large-scale market simulator: exciting events, market trends and
    competitors will not let you get bored.
  • Fun 2D graphics: admire the bustling life in the shop while the workers
    Working hard and visitors spending money!

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