CYPES eFootball PES 2022: How to get real team names and logos –

In eFootball 2022 very few teams have their real logos and team names, we explain how to patch so that you have all the official names and logos. eFootball 2022 arrives September 30, 2021 on PC, Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series. Like every year, Konami’s title has quite a few official team names and logos but unfortunately some names and logos. officials are still missing and we will explain the process to patch to obtain them.

How to get the real names and logos of teams on eFootball 2022?

We recommend the patch created by CYPES aka Custom Your PES, a community of French-speaking modders. For now, the efootball 2022 patch has not yet been released, we will have to wait at least for the game’s release.

How to patch on PS4 and Xbox One?

Start by downloading the patch from the band’s official website. Once that is done, take a USB key which is in FAT32 format, if it is not or if you do not know how to change it to FAT32, you can follow the following procedure: To know the format of your key : connect it to your computer, once the key is recognized, right-click on it and choose “properties” then find the line and click on “file system” which will indicate the format of the key. To change the format if it is not in FAT32, right click on the usb key and choose format. Select FAT32 format for formatting. Be careful though as formatting will erase everything on the key, so make sure you don’t have anything important on the key at this time. As soon as you have downloaded the file, you must extract the various elements contained in the downloaded file in .zip format. To extract it, you can for example use WinRAR or WinZip, programs that allow you to unzip a .zip. After unzipping your .zip, you can eject your usb key by right clicking on it and selecting the line concerned so as not to lose your data and then you can connect it to your Playsation 4 or your Xbox One. From the home menu, select the tabs as follows: settings> edit> import / export> import team, then tick all the boxes and confirm. Be careful, however, in the detailed parameters menu, the “Apply player / squad data” box must not be checked. The “Overwrite image files with the same name” box should also not be checked if this is your first patch installation. However, it must be checked if you reinstall the patch or if you install a new version. Once back on the import / export menu, choose “Import competitions”, check all the boxes, then on the “Open detailed settings” menu, check the only available box.

How to patch on PC?

Start by downloading the patch from the band’s official website. The downloaded file is in .zip, use software such as WinRAR or WinZip, programs which allow you to unzip a .zip in order to recover what it contains and extract the whole in: C: Documents KONAMI efootball 2022 (by default), Or in C: Steam SteamApps Common efootball 2022 (for Steam) As a reminder, eFootball 2022 is released on September 30 on console and PC.

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