Crysis Remastered Trilogy Coming In October

Crytek has finally decided on a release date Crysis remastered trilogy, which will appear on PC and consoles of the current and previous generation. In addition, the company went into detail about the different ways to buy an improved version of the classic shooter.

First, and most importantly, Crysis Remastered Trilogy will release on October 15th on PC, Xbox Series X / S, PS5, Xbox One and PS4. This collection will be available on every platform, and the average price per edition in Europe is $ 49.99 per digital edition. Additionally, Xbox and PlayStation owners will be able to purchase a physical copy of the game.

Ironically, Crytek has announced plans to “someday” release separate remasters for each title on Switch, while the full physical collection will remain available exclusively on PlayStation and Xbox. However, if you decide to buy a physical copy of one of the Switch games, you will receive an art card as a gift – there is a chance that it will be one of 20 cards that were signed by the developers of Crytek.

Finally, it will be possible to buy separate remasters for each of the three parts. Their cost is $ 29.99 per title. All of this will be available on the day the entire Crysis Remastered trilogy is released. Thus, if you already have a remaster of the first part, you can still collect the collection. As a reminder, Crysis Remastered launched late last year on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Against the backdrop of comparative success, Crytek announced the creation of an improved version for the entire trilogy.

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