Correct answers to riddles of Jerva in Charles Bay in Deathloop (guide)

You can play the Jerva slot machine in Charles Bay, not far from the bunker, but only at night. She will ask you 10 questions. They are always the same, but in no particular order. I am listing only the last sentence of each riddle / question in the description:

  • What masterpiece towers over the rest of the island’s artwork? 7 – Nose, chin and eyes of Charlie Montagu
  • Who landed on the island and awakened it? 2 – Colt Van and Yegor Serling during the expedition
  • What gave the island its name? 8 – Coastal Coral Clusters
  • How were our charms and ingots born? 7 – Wenjie
  • What did they call their doomed project? 3 – Operation Horizon
  • But what was she like before the start of the program? 3 – Military airbase
  • What is the purpose of the program? 3 – Human empowerment and enlightenment achievement
  • From what seed did the EON program sprout? 6 – Common Aspirations of Harriet Morse, Yegor Serling and Dr. Wenjie Evans
  • Where did such unusual names come from? 5 – They are associated with the lost fishing village
  • What will we see when the fog clears? 4 – Great chaos

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