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In Coin Master it is possible to get free spins by clicking on official publisher links. In this article, we summarize the daily links provided on social networks! Every day, Moon Active, the Coin Master publisher sets up links to get free spins (spins) or free coins (coins). These links are available on social networks and their number varies depending on the day. Since they are communicated directly by the publisher on the official Coin Master networks, they are completely legal and you do not risk anything, unfortunately it has been reported that not all links work every day. So don’t go after one link if you can’t get the rewards, try the others. Each day this article will be updated based on the information we find.

The links for free spins on Coin Master

Tuesday October 26, 2021 Monday October 25, 2021 Offer 1: Spins (spins): collect Offer 2: Spins (spins) + Coins (coins): collect Offer 3: Coins (coins): collect Offer 4: Spins (spins) + Coins (coins ): collect

The previous day’s links don’t work all the time.

To take advantage of the offer, click on the icon that interests you.

How to get the free spins with the links of Coin Master?

It is very simple. You just need to link your Coin Master account with Facebook beforehand, then the link will redirect you directly to the game on the social network. You won’t need to do anything else except click and wait while the game loads. Since Coin Master opens in a browser, you may have to wait a few seconds or even minutes depending on your connection … Are you looking for a Discord FR on Coin Master? Join us on Facebook join us and be informed of the latest articles! Published on 10/26/2021 8:41 AM

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