Clash Royale Super Witch Crown Challenge Deck, what are the best combinations?  –

The Super Witch Crown Challenge is available in Clash Royale and in order to make it easier to win your games, we have two interesting decks for you to play. Clash Royale, the arena game from Supercell is full of cards to play, fun modes to discover and challenges to complete. the best decks to play. We are therefore going to offer you two builds that are interesting to try.

Which decks to use to complete the Super Witch crown challenges in Clash Royale?

If you want to know which decks to play to complete the Super Witch crown challenge, we offer two very different builds.

Control Giant Electro Deck

The first deck that is visible below costs a little more than the other deck that we are going to offer you since it requires 4.1 Elixir to use it. As you will see with the cards below, you will be able to easily control the game while pushing the towers effectively. List of cards: Electro-giant Super Witch Princess Executioner Artificer Baby dragon Electrocution Poison

Spam Giant Super Witch Deck

This second deck as you will see focuses on using the Giant with the Super Witch to inflict maximum damage. Its cost is 4.0 Elixir.List of cards: Giant Super Sorceress Valkyrie Cannon Gargoyles Knight Arrow Lightning Of course, these two decks are for information only and you may find that other builds are more interesting to play. Finally, we remind you that if you want to know the best Clash Royale builds, we offer you different decks. Published on 05/13/2022 at 09:45

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