Children of Silentown’s dark quest will be released in early 2022

Beware of the forest, for it is full of unknown dangers! Daedalic Entertainment, Elf Games and Luna2 Announce Joining Efforts to Release Beautiful Hand-Drawn Dark Adventure Children of Silentown on PC and consoles in early 2022. Players will be able to get their first impression of the unique and chilling game with a free prologue, now available on Steam.

A special preview trailer introduces Children of Silentown’s chilling aesthetic and gameplay:

Lucy lives in a small village surrounded by a deep forest full of monsters. Lucy and her friends are afraid of them, and even in their sleep they are not safe. Residents often disappear without a trace, and then one day the girl decides that the time has come to investigate these disappearances. Explore the village, look for clues, meet curious characters … And finally deal with the haughty cat. But remember: don’t enter the forest!

Children of Silentown invites you to a beautiful 2D hand-drawn world with scary hues. Lucy is waiting for interesting puzzles, to solve which you will have to combine various objects, or mini-games with other kids. Music plays an important role, and the ability to sing will help Lucy in difficult situations. On our site there is Children of Silentown demo walkthrough

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