Cheat codes for Black Book: how to edit save

You can edit the file, the path to which I will indicate below, with any text tool. For example, a standard text notepad will do, or even better, Notepad ++. The first thing you should do is open the hidden files and folders display.

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  1. Open any folder and select a tab at the top of the screen View
  2. On the right side of the tab that appears, there is a block Show or hide
  3. There should be a tick on the item Hidden elements

Then we go along the following path:

  • Computer / Users / YOUR_USER_NAME / AppData / LocalLow / Morteshak / Black Book / Saves.

Open the first file called savefile with a text editor. We look closely. There is an autosave inscription at the top. This is the name of the save. This document contains all your saves. <

Click CTRL + F and drive in the following phrases as a request:

  • SpentSkillPoints – edit the number of available skill points (skill points)
  • CurrentMoney – edit the current value of rubles / coins / money
  • CurrentExp – change the current experience
  • CurrentHealth – change the stock of health
  • CurrentSins – change the number of Sins
  • HerbsOrder – change the stock of herbs
  • Demons – you can cross out unnecessary demons from the motley