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It is possible to play Charmander and its evolutions, Sparkle and Charizard on Pokémon Unite. What are their capabilities and strengths? Pokémon Unite is coming to Switch, and there are 19 different fighters to choose from. Charizard is one of the fighters in Pokémon Unite. Discover in detail its capabilities and our tips for playing it.

Charizard in Pokémon Unite

Charmander (lvl 1) -> Reptincel (lvl 4) -> Charizard (lvl 9) Roles Difficulty Versatile Easy Close

Recommended build of Charizard in Pokémon Unite

Recommended moves

Flame Burst start move
(Bouncing Fire) Level 3 Fire Spin Level 5 Fire Punch

Recommended objects

Muscle Band Buddy Barrier Scope Lens

Pikachu’s moves in Pokémon Unite


As the Pokémon evolves, the range of basic attacks increases. If the Pokémon is burned, the damage is increased.


(Blaze) Below half of his HP, his critical strike chance is increased.

Levels 1 to 3

Flame Burst
(Bounce fire) Burn Cooldown: 6 sec Inflicts damage and burns the enemy with a fireball. Fire Spin
(Flame Dance) Slow, Zone Cooldown: 6 secs Creates a vortex of fire that deals damage and slows enemies.

Level 5

Choose between two spells to replace the Bounce fire spell. Flamethrower
(Flamethrower) Burn Cooldown: 6 sec Attacks enemy with a throw and inflicts burn. Improvement: Increases damage and burning Fire Punch
(Fire Fist) Dash, Zone Cooldown: 8 sec Throws forward with a fire fist to deal damage. Inflicts burn. Enhancement: Basic attacks reduce the cooldown of Fire Fist

Level 7

Choose between two spells to replace the Flame Dance spell. Fire blast
(Blast) Slow, Zone Cooldown: 10 sec Creates a blast zone, dealing damage and slowing enemies. Improvement: Increases damage dealt Flare Blizt
(Blaster) Shield, Dash, Bump Cooldown: 10 sec Charizard charges the enemy, knocking them back. Charizard also gains a temporary shield. Enhancement: Decreases the speed of the Pokémon hit for a short time

Level 9: Unite Move

Seismic Slam
(Brutal Landing) Targeted Cooldown: 1 sec (charge required) Charizard grabs an enemy, carries them into the air and crushes them against the ground. You want more articles on Pokémon Unite? Join us on Facebook join us and be informed of the latest articles!

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