Cartoon Survivor Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide

Cartoon Survivor Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide

After numerous unsuccessful cartoons and ratings falling red, the Cartoon Survivor show is in crisis. Hope returns in the form of the Doo-Doo bird! It’s not the best hope, but they’ll take it all! Cartoon Survivor This is a 2.5D based level runner that has you in control of the show’s newest star: Doo Doo! Guide him through a dangerous obstacle course with our Cartoon Survivor Cheats, Tips and Tricks Strategy Guide!

1. Always choose the shortest wick when chasing the stars!

Before each level, you can decide how long your dynamite wick. The longer the wick, the more time you have, but the fewer stars you can earn. The longest wick can give you one star, the middle wick can give you two stars, and the longest wick can give you 3 stars. Always choose the shortest wick so you can earn the maximum number of stars. It will be difficult, but you can do it!

2. Save your money for helmets!

You can spend your hard-earned coins on suits or helmets. Refrain from buying costumes – they don’t do anything other than your doo-doo fantasy. Helmets, on the other hand, provide a special bonus depending on which one wears. For example, a brick helmet – which should be the first helmet you buy – lets the doo doo blast through previously indestructible walls. These walls often hide trophies and hidden paths behind them! There are several types of helmets, but you can probably only afford brick for now.

3. Watch out for destructible walls!

Moving away from tip # 2, destructible walls will have a special symbol on them. It looks like a construction site symbol – it’s a yellow diamond with red symbols on it. If you have a brick helmet, you can charge directly into it! The first thing we saw was an eggplant on the lower route.

4. Don’t worry about getting everything in one run!

You are going to skip additional trophies on your first run through the level normally. Do not worry! After you’ve chosen the shortest wick and got all the stars, go ahead and repeat the level, this time choosing the longest wick. This way you have a lot of time to research the level and try to get all the trophies.

5. Make Big Money With Blue Coins!

If you go back to the level, blue coins will appear in the places where the trophies were. These blue coins cost a whopping 100 coins each, so if you need to make some money, try repeating the levels where you got all the trophies and know their location.

6. Always keep speed boosts close at hand!

Speed ​​boost can be activated at any time to give a small boost that lasts a couple of seconds. You start each level with three and can accommodate up to six people. Be sure to be liberal with your promotions if you choose the shortest wick, but also always have at least one saved for an emergency. A collision with an object causes the Doo-Doo impulse to stop abruptly and can be the deciding factor between a successful start and a timeout. The jerk is a quick remedy!

With any luck, you should be able to get cartoon Surv ior ratings back! If you have any other tips or tricks to share with the community, please leave a comment below!

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