Carchacrok (Garchomp) Pokemon Unite, best builds, moves and items

Carchacrok (Garchomp) is an extremely effective Pokémon on Pokémon Unite. How to play it and what are its capacities? Pokémon Unite is coming to Nintendo Switch, and you will have to choose between several different fighters. Carchacrok (Garchomp) is very efficient and will know how to take down his opponents. Discover in detail its capabilities and our tips for playing it.

Carchacrok (Garchomp) in Pokémon Unite

Griknot (lvl 1) -> Carmache (lvl 6) -> Carchacrok (lvl 10) Roles Difficulty Versatile Intermediate Close

Recommended build of Carchacrok (Garchomp) in Pokémon Unite

Recommended moves

Bulldoze start move
(Piétisol) Level 6 Dig
(Tunnel) Level 8 Earthquake

Recommended objects

Razor Claw Focus Band

Assault Vest

The moves of Carchacrok (Garchomp) in Pokémon Unite


One in five attacks is boosted. This boosted attack causes additional damage and restores HP to the caster. Each time a self-attack hits an opposing Pokémon, the caster’s attack speed increases (up to a maximum of 5 stacks).


Rough Skin
(Hard Skin) When the caster is hit by a melee attack, some of the damage is reflected back to the opponent.

Levels 1 to 3

(Trampled) Strikes the ground, dealing damage to Pokémon in the area. Sand Attack
(Sandblast) Attack Speed, Buff Cooldown: 6 sec Sends sand at opponents, reducing their field of vision. Also increases the movement and attack speed of the caster.

Level 6

Choose between two spells to replace the Piétisol spell. Dig
(Tunnel) Zone, Dash Cooldown: 8 sec The launcher digs into the ground and leaps when it encounters an enemy. The enemy takes damage and is knocked back.
If this ability is used with Earthquake, the damage area is increased. Improvement: Movement speed increases Dragon Rush
(Draco Charge) Slow, Dash Cooldown: 6 secs The caster dives in one direction, knocking back opponents. Improvement: Decreases the movement speed of opponents hit over great distances

Level 8

Choose between two spells to replace the Sandblast spell. Earthquake
(Earthquake) The caster shoots up and falls to the ground, causing damage to an area. Enhancement: Decreases the movement speed of opponents hit Dragon Claw
(Dragonfly) Launch and attack twice. The first strike does damage and knocks back enemies. The second strike does even more damage and increases the caster’s attack speed. Improvement: Damage is increased

Level 9: Unite Move

Livid Outrage
(Unleashed Rage) Stun Cooldown: 1 sec (loading required) Carchacrack enters a frenzied anger and rushes at his enemies. Enemies are stunned.

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