Can you remove gems from items in New World?

When it comes to upgrading your gear in New World, you’ll notice that your weapons and armor have sockets. These sockets allow you to put gemstones in your gear, which will give them different effects depending on the gemstone you place in them. You may be wondering if you can remove the gems from your weapon or armor after setting them. The answer is no and yes. You cannot remove the gem from New World items and get it back, but you can replace it with another gem to change that item’s effect. Related: All New World Gemstones This means that if you accidentally place a gemstone in a socket or want to change the effects of your gear, you will need to place another gemstone in that socket. As a result, once you put a gemstone in a socket, it is basically bonded to that item or is gone forever if you replace it with another. New World may introduce a mechanic that allows you to remove gems or exchange them for other items, but for now you can only replace them with other gems in the same way you would place a gem in a socket. This means that you need to think carefully before placing a gem in a socket. For more information on New World, see How do I get gems in New World? and Where to find bison in the New World? – Best bison locations on this site.

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