Can you heal fast in Tower of Fantasy?

As you’re employed your method by means of Tower of Fantasy, you are sure to come across harder enemies that may begin preventing. Understanding heal rapidly shall be an crucial information to outlive these encounters. Learn on to study extra about therapeutic and the satiety system.

Find out how to heal quick in Tower of Fantasy

Press F2 on PC or faucet the icon to the suitable of the inexperienced bar (the well being bar) on the backside of the display screen. This can devour meals that has been cooked or bought. By clicking on the arrows above the meals icon, the chosen good for fast consumption will be traded. Associated: Find out how to Crouch and Sneak Assault in Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy Satiety System

After a participant exits battle and 5 seconds go, satiety begins to routinely drop to revive misplaced HP. For each 10% of HP restored, one level of satiety shall be diminished and one level of satiety shall be deducted each 5 minutes. The upper the satiety, the quicker the HP regeneration fee. Satiety will be checked by opening your character sheet. 0 satiety = can not restore HP routinely 1-30 satiety = 2% HP restored each two seconds 31-60 satiety = 3.5% HP restored each two seconds 61-100 satiety = 5% HP restored each two seconds For extra Tower of Fantasy goodies, take a look at How Relics Work in Tower of Fantasy on .

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