Burps in Kena Bridge of Spirits, where to find them?  –

There are many Rots lurking in Kena Bridge of Spririts. Where can you find all the Rots and complete your collection? Kena Bridge of Spirits is the first game from the studio Ember Lab. There are many secrets and mysteries hidden in the game and it will take careful exploration of the universe to find them all.Rots are cute little creatures that can be found in various places that you can explore. There are no less than 100 different Rots to find. Here are the locations of the Rots in Kena Bridge of Spirits.

Location of the Burps in Kena Bridge of Spirits

Here is the complete map with the 100 Rots of Kena Bridge of Spirits. Remember to click to open the map in full and find all the Rots in the story. Keep in mind that some Rots are well hidden and you will have to be very careful to find them in the different locations. Some are also available by fighting certain bosses and completing certain parts of the story.


You will find 8 Burps in the Ruins. The first Burp does not count towards your 100 Burps collection.


There are 24 Rots located in the Village.

Taro tree

You will find 7 Burps around the Taro tree.

Rusu Mountain

13 Burps are hiding in Rusu Mountain.

Forgotten Forest

You will have to explore the forest to find 14 Rots.


Only 3 Rots are hidden in this part of the map.


Don’t miss the 25 Rots in this large part of the map.

Heart of the village

You will be able to find 6 Burps in this underground part.

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