Burp hats in Kena Bridge of Spirits, where to find them?  –

There are many Rots lurking in Kena Bridge of Spririts. Where can you find all the Rots and complete your collection? Kena Bridge of Spirits is available from September 21, 2021 on PS5, PS4 and PC. The game contains many mysteries and hidden objects. You will have to explore the universe up and down to discover them all. Among the secrets of the game, you can dress your Rots, the cute little creatures, with hats. It will thus be necessary to find all the different skins for your Rots in order to complete your collection.

Location of the Rots hats in Kena Bridge of Spirits

It is possible to discover a total of 51 hats for your Burps. Here is the detailed location with the different hats. Remember to click to open the map big and find all the Burps in the story. Once you get a hat you will need to go to a Hats Cart in order to change the appearance of your Burps and spend a certain amount of Gems. Some hats can only be equipped once. Check out the multiple hat appearances: Source: RockPaperShotgun


There are 21 Hats located in the Village.

Taro tree

You will find 4 Hats near the Taro tree.

Rusu Mountain

6 Hats are hiding in Rusu Mountain.

Forgotten Forest

You will have to explore the forest to find 6 Hats.


A Hat is hiding in the warehouse.


There are 10 Hats in all in this part of the map.

Heart of the village

The last 3 hats are at the heart of the village.

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