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In Genshin Impact, you will be able to play different characters including Yoimiya. You are given his best build, artifact set, and best weapon to equip. In Genshin Impact, you will be able to obtain many characters by making wishes or as a free reward by participating in events, accomplishing missions or even by doing specific objectives. Among all the characters in the title, we find Yoimiya and in order to know how to get his full potential, we give you his best build, but also his skills to improve in priority and the materials necessary to increase his level and his skills.

What is the best build for Yoimiya on Genshin Impact?

Yoimiya is played as the primary Pyro DPS within your team composition. This character plays a lot on his physical DGT, but also elementary. In order to make it as efficient as possible, you will seek to increase its DGT and its CRIT Rate, as well as its ATK percentage and its elemental mastery. In terms of his artifacts and weapons, we recommend the following: Weapon Artifact set Thunder Pulse (Wishes) / Bow of Exorcism (Forge) Echoes of an Offering As for the statistics for each of the pieces of Artifacts, Here’s What You Should Look For Mostly Feather (ATQ) CRIT DMG CRIT Rate ATK Percentage Elemental Mastery Flower (HP) CRIT DMG CRIT Rate ATK Percentage Elemental Mastery Hourglass (ATQ Percentage) CRIT DMG CRIT Rate Energy Refill Elemental Mastery Cut ( Pyro DMG Bonus) CRIT DMG CRIT Rate Percentage ATK Elemental Mastery Crown (DGT/CRIT Rate) CRIT Rate/DGT Percentage ATK Energy Refill Elemental Mastery

Which skills to improve in priority for Yoimiya in Genshin Impact?

If you are wondering which skills to increase first and the recommended level, here is our opinion. Skill Recommended Level Normal Attack: Pyroblast 10 “Niwabi” Fire Dance 8 Saxifrage Ryuukin 6

What elevation materials for Yoimiya in Genshin Impact?

Lvl. Moras Materials 20 20,000 1 Agnidus Agate Shard
3 sob herbs
3 divination scrolls 40 40,000 3 agnidus agate fragments
10 sob herbs
15 divinatory scrolls
2 Burning Beads 50 60,000 6 Agnidus Agate Shards
20 sob herbs
12 sealed parchments
4 burning beads 60 80,000 3 pieces of agnidus agate
30 sob herbs
18 sealed scrolls
8 burning beads 70 100 000 6 pieces of agnidus agate
45 sob herbs
12 cursed scrolls
12 burning beads 80 120 000 6 agnidus agate stones
60 sob herbs
24 cursed scrolls
20 burning pearls

What upgrade materials for Yoimiya’s skills in Genshin Impact?

Lvl. Moras Materials 1>2 12,500 3 lessons of the ephemeral
3 divination scrolls 2>3 17,500 3 instant guides
3 Sealed Scrolls 3>4 25,000 4 Instant Guides
4 Sealed Scrolls 4>5 30,000 6 Instant Guides
6 Sealed Scrolls 5>6 37,500 9 Instant Guides
9 Sigillated Scrolls 6>7 120,000 4 Ephemeral Philosophies
4 cursed scrolls
1 Dragon King Crown 7>8,260,000 6 Ephemeral Philosophies
6 cursed scrolls
1 Dragon King’s Crown 8>9,450,000 12 Instant Philosophies
9 cursed scrolls
2 Dragon King Crowns 9>10,700,000 16 Instant Philosophies
12 cursed scrolls
2 Dragon King Crowns
1 Crown of Wisdom Join the community on Discord, play Genshin with other players while being informed of our latest articles!

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