Borderlands 3 FL4K Leveling Build Guide (Level 72)

Our Borderlands 3 FL4K Leveling Build Guide features a comprehensive step-by-step leveling guide, primarily focusing on your critical damage output and aggro relief while keeping the initial progression exciting and powerful. By the end of this version, you will be using the Fade Away action skill in conjunction with many skills that amplify critical damage. Fl4k is a very viable option for single player play! With a selection of three trustworthy companions (Skag, Jabber, Spiderant or Loader Bot), a constant pet by your side will reduce aggro from large groups of enemies, relieving you of most of the pressure. . FL4K is also one of the more glassy characters in the game, so make sure you have your Fade Away skill at all times, if you are playing with our build this is one of the most important aspects.

FL4K Full Fade Away version (Level 72)

While this build relies heavily on offensive skills, few of Fl4k’s skills in this build make up for the lack of survival with tons of HP regeneration and aggro relief. When facing a disturbing enemy, just use Fade Away and hold the trigger. After using your action skill, you will be able to recover it in no time with the cooldown reduction skills. The following is the full version you’ll end up with, but that’s not how you should upgrade it initially. We have a step-by-step guide below that introduces the skills you should have as you level up your character! Related: What’s the Level Cap in Borderlands 3? I’m going to show you the full version which focuses on the Fade Away action skill and is a great single player version capable of soloing all content with the right gear. Image via Lootlemon

Beginning of the game (Levels 2-16)

First of all, the most important thing is to play the way you want. As long as you’re having fun you do it well, but if you want to get inspired and take a few tips on where to put your skill points first, let’s skip to the start of this specific FL4K version. At the start of the game, enemies are not that big of a challenge, you can easily focus on pure damage skills. FL4K has a lot of V1 damage skills (these are multiplicative damage bonuses). You can start well with the Green Stalker tree to get your Fade Away action skill. For all of Part 1 and Part 2, just pick a pet that’s right for you. Each is useful, they just give different bonuses. Our favorite pet will be covered in the Endgame section below. Skill Points: Furious Attack (V1 damage increase) Overclocked (Rate of fire) Then put some points in Eager to impress (action skill cooldown) Lick The Wounds (Your pet reviews you) Skills and upgrades: Action skill: fade Augment 1: Guerrillas in the mist

Part one (levels 17-39)

The next step is probably towards the end of your first game as a character. You’ll focus on collecting the cornerstone of the Stalker Skill Tree and start putting your points into the Hunter Skill Tree for some much needed utility and additional damage boosts, including another V1 damage boost. . Skill Points: Turn Tail and Run (Damage and Survivability) The Fast and the Furryous (Damage and Familiar Enhancement) Capstone: The Power Inside (Huge damage increase after activating the action skill) Stalker interplanetary (large increase in universal damage) Leaves no trace (ammo regeneration) Number of heads (more cooldown reduction) Skills and upgrades: Augment 2: Eye that does not blink

True Vault Hunter Mode (Levels 40-54)

Next in line is our second part called True Vault Hunter Mode. When you start your normal game, you should be able to reach level 40, depending on your farm or how many side quests you’ve completed. This time, we’ll focus on optimizing our second skill tree, currently the Hunter skill tree. FL4K is all about his Hunter Kill skills, which are the main focus of this tree, especially with the Big Game skill in play which improves everything around him. Skill Points: Two Points in Second Intent (Reload Speed) Hunter’s Eye (Combat Bonus) Big Game (Hunter Kill Skill Improvements) Most Dangerous Game (Long Term Damage Improvement) Galactic Shadow (Increased critical damage) Capstone: Megavore (automatic critical hits)

End of the game (levels 55-72)

The remaining 18 skill points can be distributed as desired. In order to accommodate this version, I made a few adjustments to deal as much damage as possible. I used blue Master Skill Tree mechanics with awesome V1 damage boosts, as well as the newer purple trapper skill tree in order to get more utility in reload speed. The most interesting mechanic here is that we use one skill (Bites!) To trigger another skill (Frenzy). Enemies that target our pet will deal a lot of extra damage to us. Skill points: Max out Second Intention (Reload speed) Persistence Hunter (skill duration and damage) One point in Ferocity to go down the skill tree One point in Go For The Eyes! go down the skills tree One point in He Bites! (this allows our pet to trigger another skill) Max out Frenzy (super damage boost V1) Four points left in agility training (Even more reload speed) Skills and upgrades: Familiar: Large Skag Horned (Damage + Gun Damage) Related: Borderlands 3 Shift Codes List (September 2021) – Shift Codes for Golden Keys & Rewards

Equipment suggestions

Finally, I wanted to write down some of the best weapons, class mods, grenades, and more that fit that specific build and will definitely help you along the way. Sniper rifle: Skullmasher or Sandhawk Assault rifle: the monarch or clairvoyance Pistol: Maggie or Light Show Machine gun: DNA or torrent Rocket launcher: Plaguebringer or Hive Shotgun: Hellwalker or The Butcher Grenade Mod: Hunter- Seeker or It’s Piss Class Mod: Cosmic Stalker or Bounty Hunter Artifact: Ineffable Pearl of Knowledge or Snowdrift Victory Rush Shield: Re-Volter or Stop-Gap For more on Borderlands, look at our articles on How to do shift codes work in Borderlands? or How to unlock class mods in Borderlands 3.

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