Boom Beach Frontlines creator code, how to use it?  –

You can support your favorite creators in the game Boom Beach Frontlines, thanks to the creator code! We explain how to do it. A brand new Supercell mobile game is available in Canada: Boom Beach Frontlines! The principle of the game is simple: make Battles to try to obtain various rewards, and to upgrade your base and your various cards. A shop is available in the game, allowing in particular to buy gems or even coins. With each purchase, you can support the creator of your choice, thanks to the creator code! Entering this code before a purchase will financially support the person you have chosen, as is the case in Fortnite and other games.

How do I use the creator code in Boom Beach Frontlines?

To use the creator code in Boom Beach Frontlines and support the person of your choice, all you need to do is: Go to the Shop, at the bottom left of the game’s home screen Go to the “Creator Code” tab »Click on« Enter Code »Enter the code of your choice, then validate Make the purchases you want Once this is done, it is important to know that the code entered will remain valid for 7 days. Beyond this period, you will have to reenter a creator code to support someone, if you wish. It is not possible to leave a code registered for more than 7 days! The codes to be entered are generally the nicknames of the content creator, which can for example be on YouTube, and make videos on the game. a code you should know just by watching their videos. Published on 10/19/2021 12:00 AM

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