Best weapons in Minecraft

While Minecraft is primarily a crafting and building game, weapons still play a big part in the game. And whether you’re just farming monsters or looking to kill endgame bosses, you You’ll need to know which are the best weapons in the game. Check out our guide to the best weapons in Minecraft below:

Best types of weapons

The first thing to consider when choosing the best weapon in Minecraft is the type of weapon. There are several types of weapons, and while some do more damage overall, others are better in specific situations. For example, the range of the Trident and the Bow make them invaluable for fighting powerful enemies and bosses. As you can see from the stats above, there are variations between weapons. Axes generally hit harder, but do less damage. A trident is in theory the best ranged weapon, but is disposable unless enchanted. Bows and crossbows do little damage, but their range gives them an edge for players looking for safety. Related: Minecraft Dungeons Best Weapons – Bows, Swords, Scythes & More!

Critical hits

Weapons in Minecraft have a chance to critically hit. For melee weapons, this increases damage by 150% while falling. For ranged weapons, this can go up to 190% on a random chance. This means ranged weapons are slightly better at dealing critical hits.

Best weapon enchantments

Once you have decided which weapon you will use, all that remains is to decide which enchantments you want. Each weapon type can have different enchantments, but there are only a few limits on the number of enchantments a weapon can have. Related: Best Minecraft Crossbow Enchantments Below is a list of the best possible weapon enchantments for each weapon: Sword and Ax Knockdown Acuity Sweep Edge (Sword Only) Hitting Aspect of Fire Unbreakable Trident Loyalty Channeling Impale Unbreakable Riptide (A Riptide Trident cannot have loyalty or channeling on it) Infinite Bow / Crossbow Power Punch Unbreakable Flame Multiple Shot (Crossbow only) For more details on weapon enchantments on the this site, see the best Minecraft Trident enchantments

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