Best weapons in Far Cry 6

Screenshot via Guides There are about 100 featured weapons in Far Cry 6. These include rifles, submachine guns, sniper rifles, shotguns, bows, launchers, machine guns light, resolver weapons, automatic pistols and pistols. You can customize them on the Resolver Workbench (s) scattered around the map. You can equip three main weapons and one handgun at a time, as well as a Supremo. Although the choice of weapons is vast, we have selected the best of each category for you. You must first unlock these weapons and try the recommended versions.

Best shotgun in Far Cry 6

The best selection of rifles was the hardest to make, so we came up with two. Both are great, but situational and can be used alternately.

AR-C rifle

Screenshot via Guides The fully automatic rifle has a perfectly balanced rate of fire, maneuverability, damage and accuracy. You can’t go wrong and this should be your primary weapon. You can also get the unique Urushi rifle, which is a very good model for the AR-C. Recommended version is: Ammo Socket Attachment Mods – Piercing Weapons Muzzle Socket – Large Rectangular Silencer Optical Socket – Reflex Sight Mods Rifle Socket Mod – Gut-Wrencher

MS16 S

This is a hard-hitting DMR rifle with long range and very good accuracy. Ammo Socket Attachment Mods – Piercing Weapons Muzzle Socket – Large Rectangular Silencer Optical Socket – ACOG (4x)

MP7 – Best SMG in Far Cry 6

The MP7 submachine gun performs well in close to medium range combat. While this is an SMG and offers better mobility, the AR-C rifle does a similar job and has better range. You can customize it as: Ammo Case Attachment Mods – Piercing Weapons Optical Socket – Reflex Sight Pointer Socket – Laser Pointer MK Resolver. 2 SMG Socket Mods (3) – Nimble Shooter, Gut-Wrencher, Extended Mag Related: All Rooster Locations in Far Cry 6

MG42 – Best LMG in Far Cry 6

Although light machine guns have limited use in the game, they are quite effective against vehicles and tanks. You can equip Explosive Ammo on MG42 and wipe out anything and everything. Other than that you are better off with a lighter rifle / SMG. Attachment mods Ammo Case – Explosive Cartridges Optical Socket – Specter Sight (2x) LMG Mod Socket (3) – Magic Fingers, Quick Reload, Trigger Discipline You can also try the unlockable RPD plan, that is, say Crackle & Pop Unique LMG.

SPAS-12 – Best shotgun in Far Cry 6

Screenshot via Guides The following SPAS-12 version can kill with one hit up close. You can also unlock and equip the Unique Shotgun Supercharger for the best SPAS plan. Additionally, you can use the powerful Humidora single shotgun, a sawed-off shotgun variant from 1887. Attachment mods Ammo Case – Buckshot Cartridges Muzzle Case – X-Large Classic Suppressor Pointer Socket – Laser Pointer Mods Socket Mod Hunting Rifle – Keep It Cool

.308 Rifle – Best Sniper Rifle in Far Cry 6

The MS16 S does a very good job as a long range one shot destruction weapon. However, it does not give the satisfaction and feel of a sniper rifle. Try Carbine if you like snipers. Additionally, you can try the unique El Tirano rifle for a sturdy sniper plan. Attachment Mods Ammo Case – Armor Piercing Weapons Muzzle Socket – Large Cylindrical Suppressor Optical Socket – ACOG (4x) / Improved Range (3x-6x) Sniper Mod Socket Mod – Quick Reload

Recurve Bow – Best Bow in Far Cry 6

Of the only two bow options in the game, the recurve bow is preferred due to a slightly higher rate of fire. You can also try the variant of the El Capirote Unique Bow plan. As for customization, you can select any arrow according to your needs from EMP, Incendiary, Armor Piercing, Explosive Arrows and others. Related: How To Get All Bandido Leaders In Far Cry 6

MGL-6 – Far Cry 6 Best Launcher

The RPG-7 rocket launcher works well in the game, but it cannot eclipse the MGL-6 grenade launcher. Try the unique EL Caballero launcher for the best experience. Also, you can try the Into Orbit Unique Launcher variant of RAT4 with auto-lock.

Skorpion – Best handgun in Far Cry 6

Screenshot via Guides For a handgun, you can choose between single shot pistols or fully automatic pistols. The Skorpion turns out to be a powerful option and can even compete with some SMGs. Try the El General Unique Pistol plan for fun. Attachment Mods Ammo Case – Explosive Cartridges Muzzle Case – Core Suppressor Mods Auto Pistol Grip – Nimble Shooter, Keep It Cool, Gut Wrench For more guides visit What is the best resolving weapon in Far Cry 6? on Guides.

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