Best VALORANT agents for each card

Valorant is currently in Episode 3 of Act 3, and players need to know the best team lineups on each map to easily win Ranked Matches. All professional teams experiment with their composition to define the best competitive strategies. There are currently seven cards in Valorant, and each presents a unique challenge for players. Having an alternate agent choice allows teams to eliminate faults and execute various strategies with their roster. Here are the best team builds for the seven cards of the Valorant.


Image via Riot Games Killjoy has the highest pick rate in competitive tournaments on Ascent. Teams can also choose Raze or Reyna instead of Jett and Skye instead of Sova.


Image via Riot Games Raze is perhaps the best Duelist to use on Bind. Its boombot and saddlebags allow players to easily take up space around the two Spike sites. Teams can choose Reyna, Sova, and Cypher for variations.

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Image via Riot Games Jett Breach Astra zest for life Sage Breach is working as the best initiator on Split after recent patch updates. Players can replace Killjoy with the new Agent Chamber to try out different variations. Related: Best Reticle Settings for Valorant


Image via Riot Games The three-pointed site map needs a powerful controller and a sentry to defend or attack properly. Most pro teams alternate Astra with Viper or play Cypher instead of Killjoy on Haven.


Image via Riot Games Jett joie de vivre Viper Skye Breaking Jett has the highest pick rate on Icebox simply because of the height advantage this card offers. The new agent chamber can also be a decent sentry to hold sites on this map.


Image via Riot Games Breeze is designed for long-range combat, and teams need a good controller to gain an advantage on this map. Viper has the highest selection rate on Breeze, and the Sova-Skye combination has been very successful in competitive tournaments.


Image via Riot Games The latest Fracture map is still in its early stages to have a proper agent meta. Most Radiant ranked matches on Fracture will have Jett and Skye in the roster. For more information on Fortnite, such as news and guides, be sure to look at our Valorant our guides homepage!

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