Best VALORANT agents for each card

VALORING Episode 3 Act 3 is at the moment in its second week, and there are seven playable maps within the sport. Episode 3 launched a brand new map known as Fracture, which has turn into a nightmare for brand spanking new gamers in ranked mode. Gamers also can count on a brand new map to reach in VALORANT with Episode 4 subsequent yr. Skilled groups spend weeks coaching on chosen playing cards with totally different compositions of brokers to grasp their commerce. Every card has a particular set of brokers who could be thought of one of the best selections for offense and protection. Having a balanced squad could make all of the distinction in aggressive video games, and you may solely do this by deciding on the precise brokers. Here’s a record of one of the best agent builds for the seven playing cards of VALORANT.


Killjoy (Sentinel) Sova (Initiator) Sage (Sentinel) Brimstone (Controller) Jett (Duelist) Gamers can select Astra or Viper for variations as a substitute of Brimstone and Skye on Sage when ascending.


Astra (Controller) Cypher (Sentinel) Skye (Initiator) Sage (Sentinel) Jett (Duelist) Gamers can use a twin initiator mixture on two sentries to alter it. Most professional groups favor to make use of a Skye-Sova go well with for Haven.


Astra (Controller) Killjoy (Sentinel) Skye (Initiator) Sova (Initiator) Jett (Duelist) Raze and Cypher even have a excessive choice price on Bind in aggressive VALORANT tournaments.

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Astra (Controller) Killjoy (Sentinel) Skye (Initiator) Violation (Initiator) Jett (Duelist) Sadly, Sova is just not on this record as Breach has turn into a meta-agent on Break up in latest aggressive tournaments. Gamers can check out totally different variations of this construct with Cypher, Raze, and Omen.


Omen (Controller) Killjoy (Sentinel) Sage (Sentinel) Sova (Initiator) Jett (Duelist) Icebox is one of the best map for Omen, because the agent can teleport at excessive angles. You too can Shatter as a substitute of Sage to blind enemies all through the match.


Viper (Controller) Cypher (Sentinel) Skye (Initiator) Sova (Initiator) Jett (Duelist) Associated: Valorant rating system, defined Viper is arguably one of the best agent to play on Breeze. Gamers can select to make use of Raze on Jett as his boombot is an effective instrument for dashing by way of the tunnels of the 2 Spike websites.


Astra (Controller) Cypher (Sentinel) Killjoy (Sentinel) Sova (Initiator) Jett (Duelist) The rift continues to be latest and gamers are experimenting with totally different brokers to find out the meta composition of this map. Attempt utilizing Yoru, Viper, and Skye to see which roster works greatest to your staff. In case you are queuing solo, it’s inevitable to face “instalockers”, who most frequently select Duelists. Don’t be concerned, in case your teammate locks out a Duelist immediately, choose one of many following brokers on this record to maintain the staff balanced. For extra info on Fortnite, corresponding to information and guides, you should definitely take a look at our VALORING professional gaming guides homepage!

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