Best Ulan Build in Astria Ascendant – Best Jobs & Skills

In Astria Ascending, you can build your characters any way you want, but there is no respec option. Whatever choices you make, they are set in stone. You can earn more SP if you choose a skill at the start of the game that ends up being potentially useless, but you can’t change jobs after you choose. Ulan is the main character of Astria and is the group’s tank or a Paladin. That’s obvious, having a massive shield and starting abilities such as taunt. Depending on the difficulty you are playing on, whether you need to make it a full tank or a Tank / DPS hybrid (damage per second). Take note. You need to take a certain number of Support Star Nodes to be able to equip many Passives. If you don’t, you’ll get nerfed as you progress through the game. Related: How To Fix Astria Ascending Not Working On Xbox

Ulan Best Jobs

Basic employment

Job Job Name Skills to Acquire Base Captain Wave, MP Saver, Duty, Thrust, Main Guardian Provoke, Guard, Retaliate, Omni Provoke, Refund Support Omni Wall Harness, Omni Shell Ulan’s main job is to take damage and keep them away from members of your party, but mainly spellcasters. She can also do a bit of AoE (Area of ​​Effect) DPS using Wave, which is decent if all enemies are nearly dead. Then, when a support job is acquired, after provoking, she can then upgrade herself and her allies, which is exceptionally handy in a boss fight.

Statistics priority

Ulan Stats 1 2 3 4 Priority HP MP (Up to around 300+) DEF / MDEF (Also) AGL / EVA As a tank you need a lot of HP, but you need a decent amount of MP to use your abilities / skills, taunt and taunt. You should also increase your DEF / MDEF equally, as there is no point in having health if you cannot take damage. You also need AGL (Agility), because what good is a tank if you act last and everyone is already dead or taking massive damage? And finally, EVA (Evasion), as if you can dodge hits, your survivability will go through the roof, because nothing is worse than a downed tank. Here’s how to find the Migthief in the pots of Astria Ascending – Arson Disruption Guide

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