Best team competitions at Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact allows players to customize their playstyle by setting up various teams of four to take on a range of challenges. Whether you’re fighting bosses, hunting monsters in the open world, or taking on the Spiral Abyss dungeon, these are some of the best team builds that can help you explore the world of Teyvat.

Multiple reaction competition (national team)

Xiangling Bennett Xingqiu Chongyun The National Team is a flexible roster with easy-to-obtain characters who can help you clear almost any content in the game. It is built on two main pillars: Pyrotechnic Resonance (Attack Bonus of 25 %) and elementary reactions (melt, freeze, vaporize). Chongyun is easily replaced with Sucrose for whirlpool damage, Raiden Shogun or Fischl for overload damage, or even Diona or Zhongli for a shield bonus.

Permafreeze Comp (Morgana)

Team Morgana is a popular team that dominates the large hordes of enemies on the floors of Spiral Abyss. He uses Venti’s Elemental Burst for crowd control, Mona’s Elemental Burst to apply Wet for bonus damage, and Ganyu’s Elemental Burst to deal AoE Freeze damage. Meanwhile, Diona helps the team by activating Cryo Resonance (+ 15% Crit Rate for enemies affected by Cryo) while acting as a healing / shield / energy recharge support. Although this team is expensive and difficult to replicate with other characters, you can create similar Permafreeze compositions by replacing Venti with Kazuha or Sucrose, Mona with Xingqiu, Barbara or Kokomi, and Ganyu with Ayaka, Kaeya or Rosaria. Related: How To Change Characters In Genshin Impact

Geo Comp

Zhongli Ningguang Noelle Albedo This team is made up of the four Geo characters in the game, with Zhongli as the shield / burst DPS support, Ningguang as the main DPS, Noelle as the healer, and Albedo as the sub-DPS / DPS. a lot of. These roles are flexible, which means you can make Noelle the primary DPS if you wish, or have everyone act like a DPS Burst by spamming their Elemental Burst skills, especially since you generate a lot of geo energy. with this composition. Alternatively, you can swap Noelle for Bennett for more utility or bring in Raiden Shogun or Xingqiu for offscreen damage. Keep in mind that you need at least two geo characters to get the resonance bonus, which grants + 15% shield strength, + 15% damage, and -20% enemy geo resistance to characters protected by a shield.

Spray Comp

Any Main DPS Pyro Xingqiu Bennett Mona Spray compositions offer massive and consistent damage, especially when paired with a reliable Hydro applicator like Xingqiu. Its elemental burst will allow Klee, Hu Tao, Diluc, Xiangling, or Yanfei to cause vaporization reactions while sending out Pyro-type attacks, as swords will consistently apply wet status to enemies. Bennett assists the team as a Healer / DPS Burst, while Mona, Kokomi, or Barbara will allow you to apply Hydro even when Xingqiu’s burst is disabled. Alternatively, you can replace Mona with an Anemo character for crowd control, like Kazuha, Sucrose, or Venti. Or you can replace it with an Electro Sub-DPS, such as Raiden Shogun, Fischl, or Beidou, to trigger the overload reaction.

Superconductivity Comp

The Fischl Xingqiu Diona Razor Superconductivity is an excellent physical resistance crusher that can make it easier to defeat enemies with high HP. As the main DPS, Razor harmonizes well with off-field supports such as Xingqiu and Fischl or Raiden Shogun. Meanwhile, Diona will help apply Cryo to trigger Superconducting while also acting as a supporting shield / healing. Alternatively, you can use Rosaria, Ayaka, Ganyu, or Kaeya as your primary DPS and trigger similar reactions with a similar team roster. Related: All 5 Star Characters From Genshin Impact

Cast iron comp

Ganyu Bennett Xiangling Diona While any main Cryo DPS works for this build, characters who can apply Constant Cryo, such as Ganyu, Ayaka, and Chongyun, work particularly well. Paired with Xiangling, who can apply Pyro out of scope with his burst, you can constantly spam the Melt reaction and defeat enemies very quickly. During this time, you have a lot of options for the brackets. Bennett helps trigger the pyrotechnic resonance while providing overall utility. Diona helps with Cryo Resonance and has a reliable shield, but you can also replace her with a crowd control character like Venti, Kazuha, or Sucrose.

Exploration team

Any two Anemo characters Zhongli or Ayaka Razor or Mona Anemo Resonance is a great asset for exploration, as it offers -15% stamina consumption and + 10% movement speed. Ayaka or Mona have unique sprint skills that allow them to cross water quickly while consuming less stamina. Meanwhile, Zhongli and Razor can help you easily mine ores and crystals with their skills. You may also want to swap your Water Walker with Ningguang (to help find ores), Klee (to help find materials from Monstadt), or Qiqi (to help find materials from Liyue). Check out our guides on all Genshin impact elements, elemental combos and Genshin reactions and impact: what is Elemental Mastery, Elemental Skill, and Elemental Shatter? here on Guides to learn more about Genshin Impact team building!

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