Best settings for Battlefield 2042 beta

The Battlefield 2042 beta might not be the best optimized beta of all games. The game runs smoothly on a latest-generation console and PC that meet the minimum system requirements. However, you will experience sudden drop in frames and stutter on PS4, Xbox, and even mid-range PCs. The following game settings can help improve the performance of Battlefield 2042 on your device and allow you to enjoy the beta. That being said, don’t expect these settings to completely alter the game.

Battlefield display settings (video) for better performance

Full screen mode: full screen Full screen resolution: native resolution of your screen. Reduce further if performance is poor. High dynamic range: off Motion blur: off Chromatic aberration: off Film grain: off Vignette: off Lens distortion: off Texture quality: low Texture filtering: medium Lighting quality: low Post-processing quality : low Mesh quality: low Terrain quality: low Undergrowth quality: Low Anti-aliasing post-processing: low TAA Ambient occlusion: off Basically keep the graphics preset at LOW. Adjust some settings if you get good frame rates. Related: How To Fix Battlefield 2042 Stuck On Title Screen Dynamic Resolution Scale: Disabled NVIDIA Reflex Low Latency: Enabled + Boost Future Image Render: Enabled Vertical Sync: Disabled High Fidelity Objects: Medium EA and Dice stated that the BF 2042 beta is a few months old and a lot of progress has been made since then. Hopefully the game’s performance improves significantly when it launches. For more Battlefield guides, visit All Battlefield 2042 Specialists and Classes on Guides.

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