Best Sarah builds in Genshin Impact: guide how to get

Sarah may not seem like a fierce and dangerous warrior like her overlord, but she has her own flair, including powerful Electro skills and buffs for the entire squad. You can think of a huge variety of builds for it, but it seems to us that we have found one better.

Sarah’s best builds in Genshin Impact

Sarah’s low base attack (15) indicates that her main advantages are her main skill and the explosion of the elements. In both cases, the character provides offensive enhancements for all members of your squad, thanks to which Sarah can be used as a support fighter, temporarily increasing DPS (damage per second).

Best Sarah builds in Genshin Impact: guide how to get

Based on Sarah’s abilities, it becomes obvious that whatever build you choose will rely on support and DPS boost. The decisive factor depends on which aspects you would like to highlight.

Focusing on Sarah’s Electro, you should act something like this … Let your main damage dealer apply his skill, hitting the enemy with a certain element. Ideally, Pyro or Cryo. Then switch to Sarah, use her skill or explosive element, or both, to activate the attack boost effect. Return to your damage dealer and use his explosive element.

Which weapon to choose for Sarah

An excellent option for this build would be the Ode to Anemonia bow. Its secondary characteristic increases the mastery of the elements, and the passive ability “Desire for anemony” increases the attack power after using the skill of the elements.

The Nirvana Waltz of the Night bow is another great option, especially if you already have one. Basically, it does the same thing, but the secondary ability instead boosts Sarah’s attack. This is useful for enhancing the effect of the Elemental Explosion.

Best Sarah builds in Genshin Impact: guide how to get

Favonia’s four-star battle bow will be the best choice for Sarah’s build, aimed at increasing the use of the main skill or explosive element. The secondary parameter of the bow accelerates energy recovery. Also, the passive ability generates elemental particles with a certain probability on crits.

The best artifacts for Sarah to increase DPS

Thunderous Roar of Fury is the perfect artifact kit choice for this Sarah build:

  • Two pieces of the set – increase Electro damage by 15%
  • Four parts – increase overload, electro and superconductivity damage by 40%. When these effects are triggered, the cooldown of an elemental skill is reduced by 1 second. Can only fire once every 0.8 seconds.

If it is difficult to get the full set of artifacts, I recommend mixing it with two parts of “Brave Man’s Soul” or “Gladiator’s End”. In both cases, you will receive an attack increase of + 18%, which will allow Sarah to further strengthen the attack of the active character.

Best Sarah builds in Genshin Impact: guide how to get

If you make a support out of Sarah and choose the Sacrificial Bow as a weapon, you will be able to increase the frequency of the explosive element and the received buff due to the combination of “Heart of the Brave” and “Berserker”.

But if you use the Favonia battle bow, then you will get much more benefits from the “Exile” artifacts:

  • Two Pieces – Increase Energy Recharge by 20%
  • Four parts – using an explosive element restores 2 energy for all group members (except for the character who uses the item) every 2 seconds for 6 seconds. The effect is not cumulative.

Another version of Sarah’s build in Genshin Impact

If you don’t want to spend the Origins Stones, your Sarah will most likely have a combination of medium support and extra damage, albeit without Electro.

With this in mind, I recommend choosing Hamayumi as your weapon. The secondary parameter significantly increases the attack of the host. And if he has full energy, then normal and charged attacks do much more damage.

Since weapons increase damage, artifacts should do the same. You can pay attention to the “Warrior” artifact, although the “Gambler” option will do:

  • Two parts – Increase the damage of an elemental explosion by 20%.
  • Four parts – when the enemy is defeated, it removes the recharge of the elemental skill with a 100% probability. Can fire once every 15 seconds.

Best Sarah builds in Genshin Impact: guide how to get

Best squad for Sarah

Sara works best with a squad that has a strong main fighter. At least one of them must be Pyro or Cryo to get the best elemental response. Dilyuk or Bennett are good Pyros as they also generate a lot of energy. Dione is good with Cryo, as her Elemental Blast heals and deals constant Cryo damage.

Sarah benefits from high voltage resonance, so you can install another Electro character in the fourth slot. Baal is ideal. The continuous cycle will charge the squad with energy and amplify its own explosion. However, if you don’t have Baal, look out for Raizor, who will benefit significantly from Sarah’s attack buff.

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