Best Minecraft Nether Portal Ideas

Minecraft Nether portals are a fairly straightforward prospect to create, but making them exciting and unique is a lot more complicated. With a default black and purple color scheme (not something that many blocks match in Minecraft), it can be difficult to make your Nether Portal look great. So if you’re looking to spice up your builds, look no further than our list of the best Nether portal ideas in Minecraft.

Cursed Hell Portal

The Nether is a dark and devastated place, and designing your portal as a door to the underworld itself can be a fantastic idea. Surrounding it with lava, netherrack, and other hellish-looking blocks can make your Nether Portal look cool and hellish!

Cave portal

A dark cave that sends you to a terrifying new realm is a great idea for a Nether portal. It is also one of the easiest to achieve. Caves in Minecraft are among the most iconic features, and incorporating a portal into a natural cave or one you have dug yourself can create an impressive portal scene. Related: How To Create A Nether Portal With Lava And Water In Minecraft

Portal sword

One of the most popular unorthodox designs for Nether portals, the so-called “Nether Sword,” sees a colossal obsidian blade sunk into the ground. This version takes advantage of the no limits on the size of the Nether portals, which means you can create a truly expansive and impressive portal.

Using shiny shaders and materials to change the portal’s color

Something as simple as putting Lava or Luminous Stone behind your portal can give it a weird new color. Depending on the shaders you have installed, the entire appearance of the portal will change. When combined with some of the other ideas on this list, you can create something truly unique.

Amethyst Geode Portal

Taking advantage of some of the new materials added to Minecraft, a geode-inspired build is a new option for Nether portals. Using the fact that Amethyst is purple (one of the few other purple blocks in the game) to complete the portal gives you a unique and exciting design that has only become an option in the most recent updates! Once you’ve perfected your Nether Portal, it’s time to explore the Nether. Look at How To Find A Nether Fortress In Minecraft On PGG!

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