Best Minecraft House Ideas

Screenshot via Minecraft Youtube One of the first things players build in Minecraft is their house. With an open sandbox survival game like Minecraft, the number of building possibilities can be overwhelming. Especially when this construction is the future base for all the player’s adventures. To expand all the possible options, we’ll cover some of the more popular concepts that can be changed for each player individually.

The Medieval Cottage

Screenshot via Minecraft Youtube This is one of the most popular houses for several reasons. It fits into the aesthetics of almost any world, its construction relies on more readily available materials, and it’s a fairly simple house to create. Cottage-style construction relies heavily on whites and wood grain, making resources easy to find.

List of basic materials:

Wood (All) Wood planks (All) Wooden door (All) Brick Clay (White or Beige) Vines / Leaves Mossy paving stone

The Contemporary Condo

Screenshot via Minecraft Youtube Contemporary or modern constructions are quite common and popular for their sleek and edgy look. Players who want to create a property in style can create these types of constructions quite easily as long as they have access to sand and stone. Glass and quartz are the two main components to create an elegant contemporary construction.

List of basic materials:

Glass (All) Glass (All) Smooth Quartz Quartz Pillar Quartz Brick Polished Black Stone Related: What’s in The Wild Update in Minecraft?

The Villa Champignon

Screenshot via Minecraft Youtube With the cottage core and fairies becoming a mainstream trend, more and more players may be interested in building their own little mushroom house. Mushroom houses can vary widely in size and shape, depending on the type of mushroom the player wants to live in. It could be something quite small or towering over the mushroom forest.

List of basic materials:

Clay (Beige or White) Mushrooms Wood (all) Bricks Moss block (Carpet) Vines Hyphae blocks

Asian inspired minka

Screenshot via Minecraft Youtube For players who enjoy more Asian-inspired architecture and symbolism. The Minka offers a nice balance of color for a jungle or beach biome home. They also offer different ways of using the space inside the house.

List of basic materials:

Dark Prismarine Bamboo Clay (White or Beige) Hatches Wood Planks (All) For more Minecraft content, be sure to look at Which Minecraft Texture Pack uses Technoblade? on Guides.

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