Best Minecraft Curseforge mods

CurseForge is one of the best modding resources online, especially for Minecraft. It even has its own app, which makes it easy to install and modify mods. Additionally, the site often has its own, easier to install versions of the most popular Minecraft mods. But with a wide variety of mods on the site, it can be difficult to choose the best one. But fear not, because we’ve broken down the best Minecraft CurseForge mods with links to get them below.

Better Minecraft (Forge Edition)

Image via LunaPixelStudios Have you ever wished Minecraft had its updates sooner, a dozen new biomes, more dimensions like The End and The Nether, quests, dragon breeding, and that was good, fair better ? Well, Better Minecraft is for you. Mods that add new elements to Minecraft are pretty standard. Still, it’s pretty rare for a mod to take elements of upcoming official content and add them before Mojang can. Maybe that’s why Better Minecraft looks more like an official expansion than a release of their mod. And thanks to CurseForge, this pack, which contains over a dozen individual mods, is conveniently packaged. Get it here.


Image via Shivaxi There are many “real life” mods for Minecraft, but RLCraft eclipses them with just how insane it is. For example, in RLCraft you cannot punch trees to get wood for crafting tools. Instead, you need to find sticks on the ground, find flint in the gravel, craft tools out of flint, and then chop down a tree. But this is combined with new monsters and monsters added to the game. You can tame almost any creature in the game, which makes this mod feel like a combination of ARK: Survival Evolved and Minecraft. Get it here. Related: Best Realistic Minecraft Mods

Reforged pixelmon

Image via Pixelmon Mod Team If there’s one game that can match Minecraft’s universal appeal, then it’s Pokémon. So combining the two seems like a natural progression, and Pixelmon does. This turns Minecraft from a survival game into an open world Pokémon game. Travel the wilderness in search of Pixelmon, capture them using Poké Balls, and roam the cities. Pixelmon’s combat system is very similar to that of the Pokémon, but with an added flavor. There are boss fights, in-depth exploration, and random landmarks. A perfect fusion of two fantastic games Get it here.

SkyFactory 4

Image via darkosto SkyBlock is one of the most popular Minecraft map types of all time. So when you have a mod that turns SkyBlock into practically its own game, that’s the recipe for success. SkyFactory, now in its fourth version, has gone from being a simple mod that let you automate things to a full-fledged experience. Get it here.

SevTech ages

Image via darkosto The advancement system in Minecraft is cool, but it’s more of a rough guide than a full progression system. This is where SevTech Ages comes in. SevTech Ages guides you through the advancement tree, only to move into a new “Age”, unlocking new mods as the game progresses. This means that as you dig deeper into Minecraft, more blocks, materials, and gadgets are unlocked. This makes the Vanilla Minecraft experience much more engaging, as there is always something to look forward to on the horizon! Get it here. Looking for even more Minecraft mods? Check out the best Minecraft Magic mods on Guides.

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