Best Magical Builds in Demon’s Souls

Mages in Demon’s Souls are powerful ranged attackers who initially are very fragile. Their spells can deal massive damage and there are plenty of ways to play them. This guide gives you an overview of the best magical builds available in Demon’s Souls.

Early game construction

One of the best starting classes is Royalty due to the limited resources available to players at the start of the game. It starts with the Silver Catalyst, Silver Crown, and Scent Ring, all of which help build. Magic. It also starts with Soul Arrow rather than Flame Toss, reducing the amount of MP used per spell. For the start of the game, Intelligence and Magic are the core of upgrades, but Vitality and Stamina will help you survive. Stamina allows you to dodge more since you have a higher stamina pool, and it allows you to wear better armor. Vitality, likewise, will help you withstand more hits. At 14 Intelligence, a second magic slot is unlocked, so Flame Toss can be bought and used on enemies that are resistant to magic or anything weak to shoot. Magic will increase damage and should be upgraded whenever the player sees that their damage is lacking. Related: Demon’s Souls PS5: How To Invade

Melee / Magic Hybrid

The Kris Blade increases magic damage dealt and received, making the player more of a glass cannon. The buffs of the Kris Blade increase as it is upgraded, allowing 30% more magic attack at +5. By keeping the Catalyst in the left hand and the Kris Blade in the right, ranged and melee combat is available. It also further improves the catalyst when casting spells. Even if the player doesn’t want to have a catalyst, using any crescent weapon will work just as well. Homing Soul Arrow is a good way to cast a spell while still being able to enter melee range when it starts attacking. The player is then able to more reliably put points into magic instead of intelligence to increase damage rather than MP, as he does not have to use ranged magic as much. For no ranged attack, players can choose to use the sword rapier in their right hand with the Kris blade in their left hand. The weapon deals fire and physical damage, primarily with magic and dexterity.

Pure Mage

Capping Intelligence at 40 gives the player the maximum number of magic slots. With six slots to tap into, the player can use a greater range of spells for any situation they find themselves in. Protection and Guard are spells that reduce the amount of physical damage taken by the caster. Warding offers a massive 70 percent reduction but costs more than twice as much MP and takes two magic slots. Protection offers a 30% reduction for 20 MP and only uses one magic slot. Both are worth using, but they don’t stack, so choose between them wisely. Equipping the Monk’s Head Necklace increases magical power by 30% while increasing magical damage taken. This, combined with Ring of Magical Sharpness, increases Magical Power by a total of 50 percent and increases their damage taken to around 70 percent. By adding the Kris blade increase, these items effectively double spell damage. Soul Ray is the preferred spam spell because it does a lot more damage than Soul Arrow and pierces enemies as well. This makes it so that enemies in a line can all be damaged with a single throw. Of course, Soul Arrow can be used instead for players who don’t want to consume that much MP. And large groups of enemies can be dealt with either one at a time or with the Firestorm spell. Fire Spray is especially useful for enemies who dodge Soul Ray and Soul Arrow. Continually holding down the cast button allows the caster to walk while damaging enemies with this spell. This is a useful alternative to flame throwing, or both can be equipped for some variety. The magic stat can be increased to infinity but gives diminishing returns in terms of damage per level. For players who don’t care about increasing Vitality, Magic can be increased up to 99. It should be noted that Silver Catalyst has less magical adjustment than Wood and Madness Catalysts. Related: Best Weapons In Demon’s Souls


Madness Catalyst

Rather than using the Golden Demon Soul to obtain the Homing Soul Arrow in the first game, players can use the soul to upgrade a Silver or Wood Catalyst to a Madness Catalyst. While reducing max MP by 50 percent, it increases Magical Power up to 230 when used.

Wooden catalyst

This is the preferred catalyst to use for players who have chosen to obtain the Homing Soul Arrow spell rather than changing their catalysts to Madness catalyst. This only applies to New Game players, as New Game Plus players will have the option to get both using Golden Demon Soul. The Wooden Catalyst is a worthy opponent of the Silver Catalyst, however, as the higher damage potential outweighs the 20 percent increase in MP. Regenerating MP in other ways to compensate for this can be a useful strategy.


Scented ring

One of the starting pieces of Royalty Class gear in the game, this ring regenerates MP over time. The rate is about one PM every four seconds and corresponds to the phosphorescent pole. Effects stack alongside Crescent Weapons and are useful tools for saving Spice usage to collect MP.

Ring of Magic Sharpness

This ring is essential equipment for any Magic construction because it increases magic power by 20%. This reduces the wearer’s magic defense by 40%, but it’s well worth the trade-off.

Smart rat ring

While not specifically intended for Magic, this ring can be put to good use. The wearer’s attack power is increased by 50% whenever their health is below 30%. This effect applies to all of the wielder’s attacks, regardless of the type of damage they deal.


Armor doesn’t really matter much for these kinds of builds, however, there are two pieces of gear that have useful effects.

Silver crown

One of the starting pieces of Royalty-class gear, this crown increases max MP by roughly 10 percent.

Monk head necklace

Also known as Monk’s Head Wrap, it is rewarded for players who successfully kill the host while being summoned as the Ivory Tower boss. This increases the wearer’s magical power by 30% while decreasing magical defense by 40%. Between the number of weapons in the Crescent, the selection of spells, and the combination of rings and gear, there are many ways to use magic in Demon’s Souls. While some things can be min-maxed for maximum damage potential, no build will be perfect. Sacrificing damage for defense – or vice versa – players should feel free to implement these selections as they see fit to complete the game. For more on better armor for a fragile caster, see Better armor in Demon’s Souls on Guides.

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