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Image via Crate Entertainment If you’re looking for mods to improve your Grim Dawn gameplay, look at the Pro Game Guide mod list. Our mod list contains some mods from the widest selection of mods currently available in the wild. But before installing any of the mods we list, be sure to check the mod descriptions. In short, some mods may become outdated or not work well with others, and you can save yourself the trouble of mod troubleshooting by checking first.

How to Install Grim Dawn Mods

To install Grim Dawn mods, you must first download the mod. After downloading the mod you want, open the file with a program like 7-zip. Use 7-zip to open the mod and extract it to the game’s mod folder. On Steam, the folder should look like the address shown below: \Steam\steamapps\common\Grim Dawn\mods After extracting the mod, launch the game and select custom, and you can select your mod. Related: Best realistic Minecraft mods

Best mods for Grim Dawn

Here are some of the best mods for Grim Dawn. These mods will include class expansions, graphical tweaks, and level expansions.

Third person camera

Image via Crate Entertainment The third-person camera changes the way you play Grim Dawn by changing how the game’s camera works. Instead of the top-down gameplay perspective, it’s now an immersive third-person camera that lets you get straight into the action. For this reason, we recommend installing the Third Person Camera mod if you are a fan of third person RPGs such as Dragon Age and Dungeon Lords. Related: Best Torchlight 3 mods

Extended levels

Image via Crate Entertainment Extended Levels extend the level cap to 300, allowing you to level up and earn more skill points. The increased level cap will allow users to customize and create extensive character builds. Install this mod if you want to level up and have fun grinding XP in Grim Dawn.

Smash N Grab

Image via Crate Entertainment Smash N Grab is a simple mod that revamps the current loot system for specific difficulties for a more rewarding experience. On Epic and Legendary difficulty, players will find a faster leveling experience and increased drop rates for loot. Another cool feature of the mod is that it removes level requirements and improves the drop rate of iron bits. We recommend this mod if you want a smoother, less grumpy Grim Dawn experience.

Claims subscribers

Image via Crate Entertainment Grim Followers is a mod that allows players to bring along NPC companions on their travels. These followers come in the form of special enchantments that you can get from a summonable vendor called the Hero Guild Emissary. We recommend installing this mod if you need extra help in Battle or have a co-op friend who can’t play with you right now.

The sinister dawn is reborn

Image via Crate Entertainment Grim Dawn Reborn is a massive mod that overhauls the game by adding new skills, balancing and revamping existing abilities. Players will find that all of these new abilities are balanced to fit seamlessly into Vanilla gameplay. Some of the balancing tweaks include increasing monster health and increasing defense. The mod also includes new immortal pets for each player class and a new variant of monsters that can spawn after killing certain bosses. Killing these mobs will sometimes cause them to drop Relic items. That said, if you’re looking for an overhaul mod that changes a ton of things to freshen up Grim Dawn’s gameplay, we recommend checking out Grim Dawn Reborn. For more mod lists, we at our guides have lists like Best Mods for World of Warships and Top 15 Mods for Final Fantasy XIV.

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