Best FIFA 22 teams

There are over 700 clubs available to play like in FIFA 22 with actual rosters from all over the world. Teams each have their own unique playstyle, roster and staff, so it can be difficult to find a team to play with that matches your preferences. Whether you’re picking a team to manage or play with in Career mode, or you’re just playing a quick match, here are the best FIFA 22 teams to help you make the decision. Rank Team Overall rating Attack Midfielder Defense 1 PSG 86 89 83 85 2 Manchester City 85 85 85 86 3 Bayern Munich 84 92 85 81 4 Liverpool 84 86 83 85 5 Manchester United 84 85 84 83 6 Real Madrid 84 84 85 83 7 Atletico Madrid 84 84 83 83 8 Barcelona 83 85 84 80 9 Chelsea 83 84 85 82 ten Juventus 83 82 82 84 Image via EA Sports PSG take the first place of the best team of FIFA 22 without surprise. PSG have arguably added the best player in the sport right now to an already stacked team of strikers. Messi, Mbappe and Neymar Jr. make up the best attacking formation in all of FIFA with quality defense behind them. If defense is more important than striking, Manchester City are the perfect choice. Manchester City are led by midfielder Kevin De Bruyne and perhaps the best group of defenders including goalkeeper Ederson. Related: All Chemistry Styles In FIFA 22 Bayern Munich are a unique team in that they mainly use 4-2-3-1 formation in FIFA 22. Lewandowski is one of the most effective strikers and players who know the formation can dominate with it. Liverpool are also a great choice if players want balanced play and easy goal settings. Wingers Mane and Salah provide players with excellent hitting and playing opportunities. Players can have fun playing with fifth-ranked team, Manchester United. Playing as Ronaldo is never boring and he can create scoring chances from scratch with good gameplay. Manchester United have a very solid midfield with Fernandes and Pogba supporting Ronaldo defensively. Each of the Top 10 teams has excellent individual players and well-suited styles of play. Players should experiment with different teams to find a preferred playstyle, lineup, or even playing tactics. Players can see each team’s details before playing with them or choosing them for Career mode. For more FIFA 22 guides, look at Best FIFA 22 Midfielders on Guides.

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