Best Eevee evolutions to use in Pokémon Go

Image via: Niantic, Nintendo With all of the Eeveelutions now available in Pokémon Go, players are curious about which ones they should prioritize in battle. This is a difficult question to answer because several situations may require different Eevee. Yet some are used more frequently than others due to the frequency with which they function as meters. This guide covers what we consider to be the best and most useful forms of Eevee. We have listed alphabetically rather than ranking as each of these Eevee could be considered the best in its respective situation.


Type: Psychic Best Use: Offensive PvE Espeon uses psychic attacks, which will not be protected in most battles with Team GO Rocket and in raids. While not the strongest Psychic Pokémon, if you don’t have a direct counterattack against a Raid Pokémon, Espeon works as a great fill that deals super effective damage more often than less damage. effective. Related: Best Fairy-Type Pokémon In Pokémon Go

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Type: Ice Best Use: Gym Battles Glaceon is often underestimated because it is an Ice Pokémon, which has many type weaknesses. However, gyms are saturated with Dragon Pokémon, which are very weak against ice attacks. If you like to take control of gyms in your area, Glaceon is one of the best Pokémon to have on your team.


Type: Fairy Best Use: League of Masters PvP Sylveon and Glaceon are doing well against Dragons, but Sylveon supports the Master League because you don’t know what you’re getting into when you join. It deals heavy damage to the most common types of Master League (Dragons), and its weaknesses are among the rarest in Master League. This makes them the perfect candidate for the PvP environment.


Type: Dark Best Use: Great League & Ultra League PvP Espeon uses dark attacks, which deal heavy damage under normal circumstances and counter some of the most commonly used PvP Pokémon. The Great League and Ultra League have fewer dragon types than the Master League, and fighters in this league tend to rely on Psychic or Ghost Pokémon more often.


Type: Water Best Use: Defensive PvE If you need to stall and chip an opponent’s health and charge up attack shields, water works great. He has a high max CP and few direct weaknesses. That might be its only advantage, as Water Pokémon don’t have a lot of offensive power against the strongest Pokémon in the game. That’s all for the best Eevee evolutions to use in Pokémon Go! Check out our guides on Electric Pokémon Weaknesses and Counters in Pokémon Go and Water Pokémon Weaknesses and Counters in Pokémon Go!

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