Best Dead by Daylight Killers

Image via Interactive Behavior Depending on the player, any Dead by Daylight killer can be adequately used in trials against even the best survivors, regardless of their level. However, players can use some DBD Killers to make it a bit easier to dominate each event.

Best Dead by Daylight Killers

These five DBD Slayers are the most effective to play with when it comes to their ability to control the map, their potency limit, and their given perks. Check out our list of the best Dead by Daylight killers. Image Via Interactive Behavior Related: Hag’s Best Builds in Dead by Daylight

The witch

Lisa Sherwood is known as Dead by Daylight’s, the Hag, and she is one of the classic killers in the game. The Hag is a highly respected DBD killer, with some of the most powerful killer perks in the game for players. . The Cursed Witch Slayer can place fantasy traps and teleport to them upon activation. His Hex: Ruin might be the most powerful Hex perk in the game, as it maintains the pressure and makes it much easier to patrol the generators. Hex: Ruin A spell affects the regression speed of all survivor generators by up to 200% of normal speed when unrepaired. The Hex effect persists as long as the associated Totem Hex is standing. Hex: Devour Hope Whenever a Survivor is rescued from a hook while the killer is at least 24 yards away, Devour Hope receives a token. Two Tokens: 10 seconds after hooking a Survivor, gain up to five percent Haste Status Effect for the next 10 seconds. Five tokens: The killer has the option to kill all survivors with his own hand. Hex: The Third Seal The last two to four survivors, affected by the killer’s basic attack, suffer from the status effect of blindness. The Hex effect persists as long as the associated Totem Hex is standing.

The nurse

The Nurse is one of the most powerful killers in Dead by Daylight, but she’s also one of the most complex killers to play with. She’s a skill-based slayer who uses her blink ability to move through paddles and easily get close to survivors. Thanatophobia Each injured, dying, or hanging survivor incurs a cumulative penalty of up to five percent at all action speeds of repair, sabotage, bless and cleanse survivors up to a maximum of 20 percent, depending on level level. Stridor All survivors’ grunts of pain are 50% louder and their steady breathing is 25% louder. A Nurse’s Call As soon as they are within 28 yards, the aura of a Survivor who is healing or is being healed can be seen.

The mind

Rin Yamaoka is the wrathful spirit of Dead by Daylight, whose legacy is Fury. This bizarre DBD Killer imposes endless vengeance on his victims by using his power, Yamaoka’s Haunting, to cross from one place to another without being seen. Even without Add-ons, Spirit remains a tough killer, even for the most skilled Survivors. Fury of the Spirit After breaking up to four paddles, depending on level level, the next time players are stunned by a paddle; the entity will break it instantly. Hex: Haunted Land When either hex totem pole is cleared, all survivors suffer from the status effect exposed for up to 60 seconds. The second hexagonal totem will immediately transform into a dull totem. The Hex effect persists as long as the associated Totem Hex is standing. Grudge Becomes obsessed with a survivor. Whenever a generator is completed, the killer’s aura is revealed to Obsession for up to five seconds, and the location of all survivors is revealed for three seconds. Related: Best Mind Built In Dead by Daylight

the scourge

The Blight is the ambitious alchemist who miserably failed to improve humanity and is now successfully one of the highest ranked killers in the game. This adaptable DBD Killer takes down any hope of escape or survival, so far beyond- beyond the possibility of revitalization, it is honestly unfair. Hex: Immortal Reveal the auras of survivors up to four meters from any dull totem pole. The Hex effect persists as long as the associated Totem Hex is standing. Dragon’s Grip After kicking a generator for the next 30 seconds, the first survivor to interact with it will scream, revealing its location for four seconds, and suffer the status effect exposed for 60 seconds. Hex: Favor of Blood Damaging a Survivor with a Basic Attack or Special Attack causes the entity to hold in place all Paddles within 32 yards of that Survivor’s location for the next 15 seconds, preventing survivors to pull them down. Hex effects persist as long as the corresponding Hex Totem is standing.

The nightmare

Chances are, when Freddy Krueger is on trial, the only way for a Survivor to achieve victory is to be the last one standing and find the trap door. With his dream demon power and dream projection ability, this nightmarish slayer can lure his victims into his dream world and teleport across the map to ambush survivors, constantly applying heavy pressure in each trial. DBD. Get Started Whenever a generator is finished, Fire up gains power. Get a stackable action speed bonus of up to four percent for picking up and dropping survivors, smashing pallets and breakable walls, damage generators, and vault windows. Earn up to a maximum bonus of 20 percent. Remember Me Whenever players reach their obsession with a Basic Attack, Remember Me earns a token. The opening time of the two exit doors is increased by four seconds per token, up to a maximum of an additional 16 seconds, depending on level level. Obsession is not affected by this penalty. Blood Warden As soon as at least one exit door is opened, Blood Warden is activated. Auras of survivors in the exit door area will be revealed to the killer. Once per Trial, hooking up a Survivor while Blood Warden is active calls upon the Entity to block all Survivors’ exits for up to 50 seconds. Browse Guides for the latest Dead by Daylight news, all of our Killer Survival Guides (slash), and up-to-date listings. Just follow the links and enter our DBD realm to look at our list of the best versions of Blight in Dead by Daylight and the best versions of Nemesis in Dead by Daylight.

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