Best controller settings in Back 4 Blood

Image via Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment Back 4 Blood offers plenty of customization options for players. This includes controller settings on different platforms – PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X | S. Try out these best controller settings in Back 4 Blood for a flawless gaming experience. Several of the settings shown here are subjective, so you can customize them further to your liking. GENERAL Stick Layout Preset – Default Reverse Y Axis – Disabled Reverse Y Axis – Disabled Horizontal Sensitivity – 30 Vertical Sensitivity – 22 Left Stick Dead Zone – 0.2 Right Stick Dead Zone – 0.2 Vibration – Enabled Vibration Resistance – 15 MOVEMENT Related: Best Settings in Back 4 Blood CLEANSERS Hold to Sprint – Off Hold to Aim Down – On Aim Assist – On Aim Assist Force – 30 Low Zoom Sensitivity Multiplier for Down Sights – 0.4 High Zoom Sensitivity Multiplier for Down Sights – 0.5 ADS Target Capture – Off As mentioned before, these settings may not be right for you. You should try these settings and adjust them accordingly afterwards depending on the sensitivity with which you feel more comfortable. Sensitivity also depends on your field of view (FOV), so keep that in mind as well. The Back 4 Blood controller settings above can be accessed in the Gamepad / Controller column in Options. In addition, the default bindings in Cleaner & Ridden Input Layout are perfectly correct. You can also create a custom layout for better personalization. To learn more about Back 4 Blood, see How to Fix Server Disconnect Error in Back 4 Blood on Guides.

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